Caption Contest: Anthony Weiner on a Citi Bike

Photo: ## Mag##

I don’t care if this is a carefully choreographed photo op. For one day, at least, we’re not going to run a picture of the Weinermobile in a post about Anthony Weiner. We’re just going to link back to the most recent post with a Weinermobile picture. And we’re going to turn this into a caption contest.

I think this might be the first caption contest we’ve run with the Disqus up-voting system enabled in the comments. We have no prizes to give away this time, just bragging rights. So… captions, anyone?

  • Matt

    Citibike: Pants optional, helmet required


    Well-protected Weiner

  • Looks like his Zipcar account has been hacked.

  • Anonymous

    “Great! Me with a footlong schlong and riding a GIRL’S bike!”

  • Isaac B

    SUNY Plattsburgh Rec Department called. They want their Bell V1-Pro back.

  • Michele Flores

    “In order to discuss bike lanes intelligently and understand the pros and cons, I cannot speak from a pedestal I must have first-hand knowledge and understanding…I’m a hands on kinda guy…not your ‘AVERAGE’ politiican. In the words of Benjamin Disraeli, As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”

  • Matthias

    Where did he get the vintage Bell helmet? I want one!

  • Anon

    “I know there’s a dumpster nearby where I can get rid of this menace. And then I’m going back for more of them.”

  • Anonymous

    Carlos (not so) Danger riding a girl’s bike with a helmet.


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