Why I-Hsing Rides

Photo copyright Dmitry Gudkov

I met I-Hsing on her morning commute from the South Street Seaport area, where she’d dropped off her kids at school, to her job near Bryant Park. She was riding a Citi Bike to work for the first time. In fact, as a non-bike owner, she was riding any kind of bike to work for the first time. In the past few years, her cycling in New York City has been limited to a few day trips to Governors’ Island and the like on rented bikes.

Prior to joining Citi Bike, her main mode of commuting was a combination of subway and kick scooter. Her experience with bike-share has been positive so far. “I used it yesterday to run an errand. My kids have bikes, so I can imagine using Citi Bike over the weekends from point to point. The kids are getting faster now and will soon outpace me on my scooter, so this started at the exact right time. I love that this program is changing the culture of bike riding. That a person doesn’t need to own a bike to experience the health benefits, save on commuting costs, or enjoy the expansive views by the rivers. I got to do all three things this morning.”
  • I passed 10 Citibikes on my cycle ride from Brooklyn to midtown this morning. I noticed that nearly all, like I-Hsing, were wearing helmets. This is a definite change from London, where I used to live, and where those riding Barclays Bikes almost never wore a helmet. It suggests a different attitude to cycling – though difference in precisely what way I’m not sure.

  • It is so exciting — so so exciting — to see that so many of the folks on Citibikes are first time riders, or have returned to riding after years away. Exciting, but not surprising. Tide. Turning. Fast. See ya, New York Post!

  • American culture of fear. TSA anyone?

  • Bronxite

    Well the initial members received coupons. That was probably enough incentive to buy one (combined with the wait).

  • annie

    very cool!! I love seeing the bikes in action!

  • Josephine

    I think I’ve spoken to more strangers the couple times that I’ve been on Citi Bikes than another time in the city (except for maybe right after the Yankees win the world series… again). This program is really bringing New Yorkers together–so many of us seem to be bonding over this shared experience of exploring this new “mass transit’ system. Long live bike sharing!!


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