Today’s Headlines

  • Regular Amtrak and Metro-North Service to Resume Tomorrow After Connecticut Derailment (NYT)
  • Derailment Spotlights Years of Delayed Metro-North Investment from Connecticut (WNYC)
  • EMTs Successfully Respond to Building Next to Bike-Share Station; Post Sees It as Massive Failure
  • Daily News Letter Writers Respond to Paper’s Attack on People Who Support Bike-Share
  • MSG’s 15-Year Permit Renewal Could Morph Into Permanent “Gift” (CapNY, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Parking-Saturated S.I. Ferris Wheel and Mall Begins Land Use Review (Crain’s, Post, Advance 1, 2)
  • Crain’s Kicks Off DCP Speculation; Will Burden’s Replacement Be Serious About Parking Reform?
  • Bloomberg to Propose Removable Hurricane Barriers, Man-Made Islands and Wetlands (NY1)
  • Kids Ride Free: Debi Rose Wants MTA to Swap Height Rule for Age Rule (Advance, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • A 48-Second Explanation of Free Bike-Share Classes for Drive-Time Radio Set (WCBS)

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  • Morris Zapp

    WNYC could take a lesson from that WCBS segment.

  • Anonymous

    According to the Post, our firefighters and other emergency responders are such wimps that having to walk an extra 50 feet or dodge a couple of bike docks will foil their brave rescue attempts! God forbid that they ever have to rescue somebody in a walk-up building!

  • KillMoto

    Looking at that long string of bike share docks – I wonder whether creating a 6 foot pass-through (with handicapped ramp up the curb) evert 20 docks or so should be implemented.

    What’s the worst such a thing can do? On the plus side, it would mean more free curbside parking is removed…

  • carma

    Just to be fair from both sides, cars being parked in front of the building would have posed the SAME problem. on the other hand, the long string of docks do impose a critical path in case of a emergency. its not that firefighters cant walk an extra 50ft, but i do see it can potentially delay response. cars parked in that same space do at least allow some passthrough. im sure the bike share docks can be spread further apart as to create a passthrough. to me its a minor adjustment to solve a problem that is caused by nuisance.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that leaving some gaps would be a reasonable accommodation and would improve accessibility.