Today’s Headlines

  • Manuel Verdesoto, 82, Crossing Street Blocks From Bronx Home, Killed by Unlicensed Driver (News)
  • NYPD Pitches WTC Fortress Plan as a Car-Lite Haven for Pedestrians and Cyclists (NYTPost)
  • Tom Vanderbilt: NIMBY Histrionics Will Soon Yield to New Yorkers Loving Bike-Share (OnEarth)
  • Bus Operator Catches Drivers on Camera Zooming Past Flashing Red School Bus Lights (WNBC)
  • A Train Service to Rockaways Resumes May 30 (2nd Avenue Sagas, NY1, DNA, WSJ)
  • But MTA Storm Prep Relies on Plywood and Sandbags — For Now (NYT, News, Advance 1, 2)
  • On Bike, Pat Kiernan Wins Commute Challenge, Beating Colleagues Using Subway and Taxi (NY1)
  • Garodnick and CB 5 Chair Criticize East Midtown Public Realm Plan as Coming Too Late (DNA)
  • Why the New E-Bike Law Doesn’t Close Legal Loophole (Observer)
  • Comrie, at New Cambria Heights Traffic Signal, Unveils Hit-and-Run Legislation (Times Ledger)
  • Mark Weprin Wants MTA to Use Extra Funds for Q75 Bus Restoration (Times Ledger)

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  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    The NYT article says:
    “Pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to enter the site and travel along its streets and sidewalks just as they can everywhere else in the city,”

    Not true, look at Park Row, only MTA buses and authorized vehicles are allowed to use the underpass. You can’t even walk to the other side without going to Centre Street.

  • THe WTC plan is such a blatantly missed opportunity to build something secure and beautiful. Same as Wall Street. Shame on City Hall.

  • Mark Walker

    The car-free space around the new WTC is sort of like medical marijuana. I’m glad it’s happening, albeit not for the reason I’d have chosen.

  • Anonymous

    You can barely get around the sally ports on bike in FiDi. It’s nice that there are no cars here. But getting around is a total pain in the ass. I’m not surprised that WTC1 is still half empty. Who wants to have to deal with all that BS. I’d rather be across West St as well at the Goldman Sachs plaza. It’s much more inviting.

  • Daphna

    More complaining about citibike docking station placement and about the supposedly insufficient community outreach ahead of time:

    The author, Kate Walter, seems to think everyone should have been personally notified, which is impossible. She, like so many others, shows herself to be against change.

    Broadway in midtown is working out to be a wonderful place for bikeshare docks. All the space on Broadway that was reclaimed from autos has left sufficient space for docking stations. I have been glad in the last week to see the midtown docking stations finally being installed.

    1.5 weeks to go until bikeshare preview week 5/27. 2.5 weeks to go until the launch 6/2. More docking stations to be installed between now and then. I hope the DOT will stay strong and deflect all the NIMBY complaints. Once the system is up and running those complaints will dissipate. But the next week will be tough for its likely to be filled with more negative press.

  • Daphna

    The Red Hook Ferry will expand its service to stop at a new landing at Van Brunt Street (in Red Hook) starting Memorial day and will run FREE every weekend until Labor Day.

    I am jealous of the subsidies that ferries get. I understand that this is a new method of mass transit and the city wants to encourage and nurture it. I wish some of that same attitude were directed towards cycling. Cycling is also a newish and growing form of transportation in the city but it does not receive this benevolent attitude towards it that ferries receive from the news and politicians.

    Staten Island politicians want to double the night-time free ferry service to Staten Island:

    Why is this ferry still free? Why is Staten Island able to negotiate these types of deals? Staten Island residents pay less than half the toll on the Verrazano Bridge but their cars cause just as much damage to the roadway as a non-resident’s car; the Verrazano is infrastructure that is crucial to them more so than people who are only passing through and could take an alternative route if need be. I do not think they should get the over 50% discount on the toll.
    And as much as I believe in subsidizing mass transit, there should be some equity in how that is done; right now there is not. The free Staten Island ferry is one example on the non-equity in subsidies for mass transit.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that link. Why do they give her a column to spew that garbage?

    (I may be white but I’m certainly not rich)

    Unless she lives in specially designated public housing, she’s rich. And blinded by her privilege.

    Why would they publish that garbage? Yes, it’s an opinion. But it’s steeped with ignorance and stupidity. Oh, and she walks to work. Here’s a cookie. Oh, and here’s a way to save 70% of the time it takes you to walk to work (as a free lancer . . . ?).