Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and Staff Celebrate Bike to Work Day

Queens Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and his staff biked to work today. From left to right, Aycan Kaptaner, Matthew Wallace, Council Member Van Bramer, Jason Banrey, and Andres Villa. Photo: ## Van Bramer/Twitter##

Via Twitter, here’s Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and crew gearing up for Bike to Work Day in Queens this morning.

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Any other electeds make the ride to work today?

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, today turned out to be one of the rare days where my schedule made it impossible to ride. Bike-share would have worked perfectly.

  • Ian Turner

    Same here.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t noticed anything different about my commute today, other than the TA set up by the bridge. It didn’t seem like a lot more people rode today.

  • A big round of applause to Mr. Van Bramer and his staff for cycling to work today. Why am I not surprised that the council member with the Dutch name is the one cycling to work?

    Mr. Van Bramer’s bicycle also appears to be the only one with fenders. The other four bicycles in the photo are useless for all-weather riding, unless I work at an office where having a stripe of road grime and mud showered up my back constitutes acceptable office attire.