Today’s Headlines

  • Paul Steely White Daily News Op-Ed: Bike-Share Naysayers Will Be Proven Wrong Soon Enough
  • NY1 Call-In Show Talks Bike-Share Two Nights In a Row, Featuring Our Own Ben Fried on Night 2 (12)
  • Driver With Learner’s Permit Backs Onto Park Slope Sidewalk, Injuring 3 Children (Post)
  • For the Daily News, Even a Drunk Driving Crash That Injured Paper’s Reporter Is an “Accident”
  • DOT’s Bay Ridge 4th Avenue Road Diet Includes… Pedestrian Fences? (Bklyn PaperHome Reporter)
  • Judge Blocks Taxi Of Tomorrow Over City Rules Requiring Hybrid Cabs (NYT)
  • City Announces Free Weekend Ferry Service From Pier 11 to Red Hook (DNA)
  • MTA Tests Inflatable Plug to Prevent Subway Flooding (News)
  • Facing Legal Hurdles, Ride-Sharing Apps Shut Down in New York (WSJ)
  • A First-Person Account of Being Groped on the Subway (NYT)
  • Gothamist (1,2) and Brooklyn Spoke Join Cycling Etiquette Debate
  • Larry Littlefield

    I can’t help but admire the positive attitude of bike advocates like Mr. Steely White. It shows that you are better off not pursuing a career working in government, and developing the cynicism that comes with the job.

    It is very generous to accept that the critics are afraid Citibike will fail. I would say they are afraid it will succeed.