Eyes on the Street: Jackson Heights’ Beautiful New Bike Corral

A bike corral was recently installed on 82nd Street in Jackson Heights. Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Spring has sprung, and with it came a new on-street bike corral on 82nd Street in Jackson Heights, near Roosevelt Avenue. Clarence from Streetfilms sent over these great pictures. The corral, which replaces one car parking space, has seven racks (for 14 bikes) and two planters. It is maintained by the 82nd Street Partnership business improvement district and was supported by Queens Community Board 4 in a 32-2 vote in March.

Perhaps the most succinct summation comes from the minutes of CB 4’s full board meeting last month. The report from District Manager Christian Cassagnol noted that DOT and “the 82nd Street BID had installed the bike corral, which looked beautiful.”

The bike corral is maintained by the 82nd Street Partnership business improvement district. Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
  • patch

    You wouldn’t be so enraptured of those jerks after a couple of near misses from the “psycho” cyclists. Oh that’s right, they’re good for the planet, just not pedestrians.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure you’d much rather have a couple of not-misses with a car instead, right?

    Seriously, the stats are clear. Hardly anyone gets injured in ped-bike accidents, and no one dies. Car-peds, OTOH, are terrible for your health and life.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’ll take a collision with a bike over a collision with a car any time, thank you.

  • guestnyc

    Nice to see a bicycle corral in a neighborhood outside Northern Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh god! It’s evil!! Kill it kill it! Kill it with fire!!!!!” The upcoming NIMBY reaction. Seriously glad to see another one!

  • Guest

    Forget “near misses.” As a pedestrian, I’ve been hit by a car and I’ve also been hit by a bike. I’ll let you guess which collision landed me in the hospital.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Beautiful new bike corral. I like how these look, especially when book ended by nice planters filled with flowers. I wonder if this means that community board is ready to make Jackson Heights a bit more bike friendly beyond bike parking. Mr. Eckerson, care to comment?

  • There are lots of people biking out here. On some days 34th Avenue is a bike highway during the summer. We just need a few more bike lanes here or there and a fully safe Queens Blvd. That’ll probably be for the next administration!

  • Rustler

    A lady got hit with a bicycle today


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