Today’s Headlines

  • Quinn, Vacca, and Greenfield May Have Milked the Parking Thing for All It’s Worth (CapNYNYT)
  • Downtown Express and DNA Take a Stab at Balanced Bike-Share Coverage
  • Post Running on Fumes; And the Rest: Gothamist, Fox, AMNYCBSNY1
  • State Supreme Court Justice Issues Hail App Injunction (CapNY, NYT)
  • Straphangers: G Train Had Fewest Delays in 2012, Delays Up System-Wide (NYTCapNY)
  • Staten Island SBS Camera Enforcement Begins at End of May (Advance)
  • Manhattan Taxi Driver Who Rammed Men With Cab Acquitted of Attempted Murder (Post)
  • Dirt Bike Rider Rammed by Police Found Guilty of Reckless Driving (Post)
  • You Don’t Have Halloran to Kick Around Anymore (Politicker)
  • Joe Lhota Rails Against Bike Lanes, Bike Share, Residential Zoning, Typewriters (Bklyn Paper)

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  • Morris Zapp

    That Post bike share piece is like something from “Eye on Springfield.”

    Hard to believe David Seifman, one of the few Post staffers who manages to maintain a shred of integrity, would put his name on it.

  • Daphna

    Did anyone go to the Transportation Committee of Manhattan Community Board 8 last night? Last month on April 3rd the DOT presented a plan to this committee (and to CB6 on 4/1) to extend the protected bike lane on 1st Avenue by two blocks from East 59th Street to 61st. There would also be a shared lane from 56th to 59th Street on 1st Avenue and sharrows on 59th Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue. This fills the gap between the existing lanes since the shared lane currently ends at 56th Street and the protected lane starts at 61st Street.

    Manhattan Community Board 8 is 59th Street and north. Streetsblog did not put their meeting yesterday on the calendar and I forgot about it. I hoped the committee would have a resolution on the plan. We are in a race against time to get complete streets infrastructure installed before the next mayor is elected.

    Does anyone know, was there discussion on the protected bike lane 2-block extension? How did that discussion go? What there a resolution in favor? Will it go to the full community board this month? If not, will there be a resolution next month? If there was no resolution, will this delay the DOT from installing it in time frame they had wanted?

  • Joe R.

    At least this time the thrust of the article is that some people are pissed the terms to sign on to bike share exclude some people, which in turn implies bike share is actually something a lot of people want. I don’t get the 260 pound weight limit myself. Those bikes look like they could deal with Chris Christie with no problems.

  • Lhota is ridiculous. He laments the decline of industry in Brooklyn, and as a fromer Chicagoan I have to sympathize, but fails to notice that what did the most to kill manufacturing in the burrough is the cost of trucking materials and goods in and out of the burrough in the dense traffick. If he wants Brooklyn to make stuff again, he needs to clear the roads of as many private cars as he can.

  • Anonymous

    They could probably deal with them, but it would increase maintenance costs, and with the slow speed of those riders, they are probably gonna be unable to balance themselves at all.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I wish I had known about this meeting. Biking from queens to manhattan for work, I hate this section. I am essentially forced to ride on the sidewalk from 59th to 58th on 1st ave, and then ride against traffic on 58th to 2nd ave.

    The alternative is to go a few blocks north on 1st ace with no bike lanes/sharrows and then go south on 2nd ave past the entrance to Queensboro, which is a risk I am not willing to take, with cars speeding up in anticipation of going up the bridge.

  • Joe R.

    The freight rail tunnel which has been proposed on and off is what is really needed to jump start industry in Brooklyn. Also, that would greatly decrease the amount of long distance trucks delivering goods to the city. It seems at least some of the candidates for mayor are talking about this again:

  • Daphna

    This plan will solve your problem because part of it includes a bi-directional bike lane on 1st Avenue from 59th to 60th Street protected by concrete jersey barriers. Then on 59th Street there are sharrows in both directions for half the block; for the other half the block in the westbound direction there will be a curbside buffered lane and sharrows in the eastbound direction.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like he’s pulling a Nixon Silent Majority tactic

    You see these changes. We know you don’t like them. I got your back.

    I could almost vote for Lhota since everyone else is so poor on liveable streets (except maybe Sal Albanese but his case is more that he says the right words though I’m not sure he understands it), but he’s gotta pander to the GOP on this cultural BS . . .

  • There’s a huge difference between industrial design and industrial production. And the difference is mostly beasured by truck and train traffic.

  • Morris Zapp

    I had hopes for Lhota, but the more he talks the less I like.

    To paraphrase Larry Littlefield, the best thing a candidate could do to get my vote is shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Well he’s crazy if he thinks industrial production should come back to Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I’ve see some places out by Bushwick (which are great for parties) that look “industrial” like warehouses and distribution centers, but why would we want to increase industrial production in fairly densely populated areas?

  • The question is production of what? It will never again make sense to make cheap crap in NYC. But I think the city could do more than just design stuff for production in Shenzen, and should.

  • Anonymous

    But I think the city could do more than just design stuff for production in Shenzen

    Man, you do know what you’re talking about:
    Brooklyn Cruisers:

    All of our vintage-inspired bikes are designed in Brooklyn, NY, by our team of designers in collaboration with outside industry experts. These bicycles are then built and assembled in Taiwan and China.

  • kevd

    Wow. You are obnoxious.

    I know a few people in the high 200’s who ride and balance just fine, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    One of the success stories of the Hubway that was linked to from streetsblog was off a guy weighing 315 and he lost 50lbs from bike share.

  • I’m the real article that Llhota pretends to be with his posturing. I’m a graduate of a technical high school that was still using the WW2 era industrial education curriculum while I was there. He talks about this stuff to get elected. I talk about this stuff because I want to see it happen.

  • Anyway, while I’m here, why not mention things Brooklyn could be making? There already is some production of designer items going on, as in clothing, jewelry and the like.

    If you visit Tyrol, in Austria, you might notice that the largest employer in the region is the crystal maker Swarovski. They don’t just make goblets and pricey gewgaws. Their doped glass products include telescope and microscope lenses, hardened glass products, et cetera. Products that mean every truck and rail car heading out of their plant is carrying a cargo worth many a euro. Their traffic load is very low. So you have to wonder: why not Brooklyn?