Speak Up If You Think Bike-Share Belongs in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

Remember the Fort Greene residents who complained last year that bike-share stations don’t belong in their historic, landmarked neighborhood — even though you can find cobalt-blue Volvos and banana-yellow, late-model Beemers taking up the curb on those same blocks?

Seen in Fort Greene: colorful products made by massive global corporations, stored by private owners on the public right of way.

Well, they apparently haven’t been convinced that public bikes belong on the street as much as private cars. Someone even felt entitled enough to deface Citi Bike stations with bike-share-hating flyers. Another small fraction of curb space could become useful to the car-free majority of residents — perish the thought!

The anti-bike-share crowd has been lobbying Council Member Tish James to remove stations in the neighborhood, and James is holding a public forum about bike-share on Wednesday evening. Whether you plan to use bike-share yourself or you just want to see the system succeed, if you live in Fort Greene or Clinton Hill this is an important one to turn out for. Otherwise, this is the message that’s going to come through the loudest:

Photo: ##http://www.brownstoner.com/blog/2013/04/bike-share-stations-vandalized-meeting-set/##Brownstoner##

The bike-share forum is happening Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Benjamin Banneker Academy, 71-77 Clinton Avenue.

  • KillMoto

    The best thing DOT can do in the short term is:
    1) Ensure there are parking meters within 100′ in all directions of every bike share kiosk,
    2) That these meters charge market rate prices, and
    3) That violation of meter payment are aggressively ticketed and or towed.

    Free parking is not a right, and people need to know this.

  • Brooklyn resident

    Landmark blocks are not for advertising or commercial activity… except when they are.


  • Curious

    I wonder how safe those high priced cars are with a vandal on the loose in the neighborhood?

  • Anonymous

    You’d think the people putting these signs up would make some attempt to cover up the actual logo they are complaining about.

    While I would definitely prefer Citibank had no part in bikeshare, this is just hilariously stupid.

  • vnm

    Landmarks designation just means you can’t alter your building without getting approval. It has *nothing* to do with the street itself. When did a landmarks designation expand to cover the streets around landmarked buildings?

  • Anonymous

    Like that Coca-Cola sign.

  • J

    Prediction: All these crazy arguments will be quickly forgotten once the system is up and running.

    Also, it’d be nice to see a map of where the stations have been installed, to date.

  • soexcited

    Maybe they are very short vandals — children or old ladies?

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    Well if this person understood the law correctly, they wouldn’t have vandalized the station.

  • Clarke

    Sounds like all Phase 1 Brooklyn sites are up, Financial District/BPC sites went up last week, Soho/Tribeca over the weekend and through today. I’d draw an even line across Houston east to Bowery, then cut down to the Manhattan Bridge for a good idea of what’s up today and over the next day or two. All based on Twitter reports.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of NIMBY fools, I just saw a bike station on a cobblestone street in Soho. We should be hearing a kvetch for Sean Sweeney any moment now.

  • Jeff

    Sounds like somebody should make replicas of these flyers and place them on the windshields of cars on the affected blocks.

  • Anonymous

    The irony is that the people who live there will benefit the most. Do these people not ever have to run “quick errands”?

  • Brad Aaron

    I love that the Citibank logo is on the fliers.

  • The majority of the neighborhood is thrilled. I can’t make it on Wednesday but I do hope people can go and drown out the wankers.

  • Jared Rodriguez

    I hope the author took these ugly flyers down!

  • Ian Turner

    They are glued with paste, hard to take down.

  • Typical NIMBY move. Say that stations will attract vandals and then vandalize them to prove that you were right! If only these people had more respect for the neighborhood.

  • Jared Rodriguez

    That’s disgusting. What a loser.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just using this as an excuse and just hate bike share. (or bikes in general, or the loss of parking etc etc etc)

  • Anonymous

    What a lame loser… Yeah, I like the idea of parking meters EVERYWHERE 🙂

  • Props to the person who found the wangiest cars around for that photo, btw.

  • Hilda

    They come of pretty easy with alcohol and a straight razor. Let the alcohol soak in, and then pretty much anything hard with a straight edge will work, even say, a Citibank Credit Card.

  • Hilda

    Everyone should come if they can, but I warn you, the majority of people are really excited about the system, whether they are going to use it or not, and have some concerns. I think the vandalism is more about something new to screw around with, at least on my block. I have been so impressed with how excited people are, and that has left me with a really positive impact as I have made a point of talking with my neighbors all weekend. We really need strong support, but also level-headed positive comments. Remember these are your neighbors, and this is an opportunity to allow them to experience how fabulous even a short trip on a bike can be.

    The stations are not full of bikes right now with happy people taking them in and out. I agree that as soon as it is up, the complaints will turn into “there’s not enough bikes!”…”How can I get a station near me?”…”2BR-2BA for rent, 20 feet from Bike Share!”
    Remember, NIMBY’s complained about the world ending if Times Square was closed, and as soon as it was, the first complaint was how cheap the furniture was!
    Stay positive people, this is such a big win for all!

  • Anonymous

    The folks at BikeScore should improve the scores of addresses close to a CitiBike station.


  • Anonymous

    I agree that “free parking on public ROW” is not a right, but that should apply to bike parking as well. No discounts should be given to bikes and those who park bikes on the curbside, on poles or elsewhere should be fined and the bikes removed as well.

  • Anonymous

    It is okay to use bikes and have some infrastructure for them.

    It would made me angry if I had a neighbor trying to “evangelize” me with a “war on your lifestyle” posture.

  • Anonymous

    What are these “discounts” you speak of? And I’ll readily agree to the rest of your proposal as soon as the amount of free and legal parking available to bikes is, say, .1% of the amount of free and legal parking available to cars. Mayor Quinn will likely make sure that won’t happen till 2098.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for granting your approval to the use bikes! And you’ll even toss in “some” infrastructure! You are such a benevolent emperor!

  • Leslie

    I am def. as supporter of bikeshare, but the point the flyers is making is a valid one for discussion – should we let these neighborhood streets be used for advertising citibank? Imagine if we could have bikeshare infrastructure with no logos? I know, not feasible…

  • Matthias

    These people don’t deserve bikeshare–bring it uptown where it’s sorely needed!

  • Anonymous

    I hate the “sponsorship” business, especially when the price tag is, for a city of this size, comparatively low. It’s a stupid precedent that cedes ground to people who don’t need one more inch ceded to them–the “no money for public goods” crowd. But the vandals aren’t making a point even remotely similar to that. They’re just saying, pretty much straight up, “not in our [landmarked] backyards.”

  • And they’re only targeting the stations that take up parking, as far as I can tell. That betrays their real motive.

  • david
  • Andrew

    These same neighborhood streets are already used for advertising – on bus stop shelters, on buses, on almost every car, on every storefront. If you find advertising on neighborhood streets objectionable, I’m afraid that ship has already sailed.

  • Bronxite


  • I live in the neighborhood and use Citibike daily…it’s awesome and does nothing but add to the value of the area.


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