Eyes on the Street: Bike-Share Takes Manhattan

Citi Bike's first Manhattan installation, at Fulton Street and Cliff Street in the Financial District. Photo: ##https://twitter.com/CitibikeNYC/status/324598099710472193##CitibikeNYC/Twitter##

Citi Bike station installations began in Bed Stuy about ten days ago, working west through Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn. Now, with about 60 stations installed, bike-share has crossed the East River, the Citi Bike Twitter feed informs us that the system’s first Manhattan installation has gone in at Cliff Street and Fulton Street in the Financial District. The system is scheduled to launch next month, and thousands of New Yorkers have subscribed since annual memberships went on sale Monday.

So, after this latest development, will any Manhattan City Council members join their Brooklyn counterpart in signing up for bike-share?

  • Mark Walker

    I’m not a cyclist but it gladdens my heart to see street space reallocated from cars to bikes, or pretty much anything else.

  • So much for Chicago beating them to the punch.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Manhattan gets more beautiful with each new Citibike station installed. Just think – in a few months, the news won’t be “Latest station installed.” It will be, “New ridership records smashed!”

  • Jared Rodriguez

    Where can we track the number of members? Anyone have any idea?

  • Bronxite

    5800+ around 4pm according to someone’s post on the Facebook site.

  • Bronxite

    Once this launches, we should see another big boost in subscribers. Also, once this covers a greater percentage of the city, ridership should soar significantly with each roll out. A lot of people are holding out until it hits their neighborhoods first.

  • Ian Dutton

    Earlier today I asked on Steve Levin’s Facebook page what his Citibike subscriber number was, pointing out that both my wife and I were outclassed by Brad Lander. So far no answer, but maybe more of you could ask? https://www.facebook.com/stephen.levin1

  • Eric McClure

    Streetsblog, looks like you need update that last sentence to “counterparts” (pl.). Steve Levin has signed up for Citibike, too: https://twitter.com/StephenLevin33/status/324640377111994368.

  • Chicago was sued because of corruption allegations. I wouldnt expect any form of launch this summer.

  • carma

    i cant wait for the day it hits eastern queens where i live. even though im out of the current service area, i couldnt wait to get the membership as im always running around manhattan with two feet. member 1045.. woohoo

  • kevd

    If it ever gets to Flatbush, I’ll be signing up. But if i can’t take it to my own neighborhood, it isn’t that useful for me….
    Maybe another 3 years? I hope?

  • CDOT says they will be installing kiosks by June. I’ll believe it when I see it.


  • Its Alta. There will be additional delays.


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