Today’s Headlines

  • Bike-Share: Dailies Play It Straight, Mostly (NYT, Post, News, WSJ)
  • Vacca and Liu Issue Scare Statements (AMNY); CapNY Critiques Presser
  • More Signed Up for Citi Bike Yesterday Than Pre-Rollout CaBi Saw in a Month (TransNat)
  • Advance Bummed That Staten Island Not Mentioned in Expansion Plans
  • Pedestrian Kaman Brummond, 26, Killed in Queens; Driver Taken Into Custody (DNA, AP)
  • Advance: Bloomberg’s Jersey 7 Plan Going Nowhere, and Disrespects SI
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: 7 to Secaucus the “Idea That Just Won’t Die”
  • Has Cuomo Given Up on Ethics Reform? (NYT)
  • See It While You Can: Jeff Speck’s Car-Free Broadway Column Reappears in the Daily News
  • When Sightings Like This Are No Longer a Curiosity, NYC Has Won (NYT)

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  • Anonymous

    The NYT piece on BikeShare said many were “jockeying” for the Founding Member key. No attribution, and fwiw, I didn’t even learn about the Founding Member thing until AFTER I received my membership email.

  • moocow

    The Jeff Speck piece reads like an April Fools bit, considering where it was published.
    I love the idea, but clearly all those trees and green space would create too much pollution.

  • Reader

    Must be projection on the part of Matt Flegenheimer. Maybe he and the rest of the Metro editors are really psyched to join but can’t say it due to Times editorial standards.

  • carma

    i could have cared less about being a founding member or not. i would sign up for the membership regardless of the perks to giddy me up. the best perks are the ease to get around and the super low cost to move around in this expensive city. you cant beat this deal no matter how many perks you add.

  • LPike
  • Joe R.

    “According to the Department of Transportation, in 97% of fatal bicycle accidents in New York City the rider was not wearing a helmet.”

    So Liu is citing outdated, meaningless statistics in the AMNY article? This 97% figure often gets thrown around even though it dates from 1997. And it’s meaningless without knowing what percentage of cyclists were wearing helmets at the time. The fact is helmets are just about worthless in the one type of collision which accounts for most cyclist fatalities-namely motor vehicle bike collisions. It’s irresponsible for any public official to imply otherwise. I’m hoping bike share finally gets public officials and the media to move beyond their helmet fetish. A pedestrian or a motorist both have a statistically higher chance of head injury than a cyclist, but public officials aren’t suggesting they wear helmets.

  • Maybe the Chicago lawsuit has some merit…

  • Daphna

    Regarding today’s calendar: it would be great to have a bike lane in Brooklyn on Jay Street from Tillary up to the Manhattan Bridge. This would be so much more direct than having to detour a block west (and back) just to continue proceeding north. I am excited that the DOT is proposing a northbound bike lane on Jay Street north of Tillary!! Is the Transportation Committee of Brooklyn Community Board 2 favorable to bike lanes? Will they vote for a resolution recommending this plan? Do they need members of the public to show up at their meeting tonight and advocate for this lane? Does anyone know about Brooklyn CB2 and if their stance towards bike lanes is pro or con? I would hate to loose the chance at this infrastructure just because of a negative committee vote.