Today’s Headlines

  • Bike New York Wins (NYT, WSJ, Crain’s)
  • More on Christine Quinn’s Transit Presser: Post, News, CapNY, 2nd Ave Sagas
  • Quinn on Bike-Share: “Obviously Bike Lanes Are a Part of the City’s Transportation Network” (TransNat)
  • Eric Ulrich Wants Select Bus Service on Woodhaven Boulevard (DNA)
  • Was the MTA Legally Required to Shut Off SBS Lights? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Savino Vows to Block New Jersey 7 Unless Staten Island Gets a Subway First (Advance)
  • Turns Out the Highest and Best Use of Prime NYC Real Estate May Not Be a Gas Station (WSJ)
  • “Victory Lap” Could Be Your Last Chance to See Marty Markowitz on His Tricycle (Bklyn Paper)
  • City Refuses to Move Abandoned Semi Truck From Flatbush (Bklyn Daily)
  • Driver of $300K Supercar Seriously Testing the Bounds of NYPD Placard Apathy (Gothamist)

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  • J

    Awesome to see Ulrich, who has opposed numerous transportation improvements, finally put some weight behind bus riders. Bill Perkins could learn a lesson from his colleague in south Queens, which, I should add, is way more car-dependent than Harlem.

  • Jeff

    This whole mayoral race is depressing. Am I naive in thinking that Quinn may be the least of several evils, and lacking any clear vision herself, the most susceptible to influence from the likes of TA and other livable streets voices?

  • moocow

    I take some solace in what I believe our own Larry Littlefield has been saying of the race, that the stances will change after the primary. I am hoping that once these not-so-attractive candidates are done ‘out Bloomburging’ each other, one will come around and appear to be on the sane side of issues. Not the NY daily tabloid’s side of the issues.

    Notice I used the words “hoping” and “appear”.

  • > Savino Vows to Block New Jersey 7 Unless Staten Island Gets a Subway First

    Can we just give Staten Island away to New Jersey? =P

  • Larry Littlefield

    It isn’t my choice, as I have never been willing to sign on with the SOBs or the other SOBs, but it it were I might very well vote for Quinn. And I don’t think she is evil, and haven’t been convinced that any of the others are either, though if they keep opening their mouths I might change their mind.

    The worst that may be said of Quinn is that she has sold out to the executive/financial class to get ahead, the way the rest are selling out to the political/union class. As someone who cares about the serfs, those who haven’t been in on the the deals, and the common future, which has been sacrificed to hide the pain from the serfs for a while, the question is who really cares? The question will be no different when they shift their rhetoric and start pretending they do.

    Who is the person who actually wants to be fair to everyone, and who cares about the serfs and the common future, but is pandering and seemingly selling out because that’s what the game is? And whose agenda really is their own careers and only pretends to care about the serfs to get ahead?

    In any event, I think a lot of good that Quinn did was forgotten after that term limit deal. But I can’t criticize it, because I have trouble remembering all the good that Bloomberg did after his participation in the screw the newbie, flee to Florida pension cycle that will diminish this city for a decade or more after he is gone.

  • Joe R.

    Quinn might well evolve quite a bit if she’s elected Mayor. I agree she’s the least of many evils at this stage. She also happens to be the front runner. Barring any major scandal surfacing in the next 7 months, it’s likely she’ll be the next mayor.

    I think with bike share coming on line cycling may well reach critical mass this year. At some point bike and pedestrian infrastructure will become a political third rail. We’re not there yet, but the fact that there is less talk about ripping out bike lanes and pedestrian plazas is encouraging. It’s probably hoping too much that we’ll finally get congestion pricing but who knows? Political winds shift quickly. When the non-driving majority finally gets fed up seeing nearly daily pictures of people mowed down on sidewalks maybe the support will be there. It takes a long time before the public is moved to disgust on any issue. I think eventually the support will be there to make things less convenient for people in private autos.

  • Larry Littlefield

    We don’t know who will evolve. What we do know is that the debts and cost of pension enhancements/underfunding keep growing. So who will be sacrificed, and how?