Today’s Headlines

  • Maybe Cuomo Thinks the MTA Is Doing Fine Without a Leader? (Post, Second Ave Sagas)
  • City Council Approves Hudson River Park Trust’s Greenway-Intruding Pier 57 Development (Post)
  • Garodnick Wants Dedicated Parking for Food Trucks, Joins Lappin on E-Bike Bill (News)
  • DOT Poised to Expand Brooklyn Greenway in Greenpoint and Red Hook (Gothamist)
  • Public Space Pacesetter Dan Biederman: Bike Lanes “Immensely Good” for NYC (Crain’s)
  • No Progress in Finding Hit-and-Run Killer of Javier Ines-Flores and Rodrigo Galeana (News)
  • Family of Ryo Oyamada, Killed by NYPD, Continues to Be Astounded by NYPD Indifference (Gothamist)
  • Local Claims He Was Harassed by Cop at Behest of Queens Community Board 8 (Times Ledger)
  • “Walkable City” Author Jeff Speck: Broadway Is a Natural for Car-Free Space (News)
  • Q Poll: Quinn Drops Slightly, But Rivals Fail to Gain Ground (NYT)
  • Anthony Weiner Says He Might Not Run for Mayor (NYT)

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  • Anonymous

    Broken link on the Jeff Speck story.

  • Brad Aaron

    As I read that Speck piece I thought “I can’t believe they published this.” Now it seems to have vanished.

  • Anyone know if the Speck piece got published in print?

  • Mark Walker

    So the Weinermobile is back in town. Might he redeem himself by acknowledging pedestrians and transit users as valued parts of the NY landscape? Nah.

  • I expect that since the wind has blown toward bike lanes, so, too, will the Weinermobile drift that way . . .

  • Ian Turner

    Something to consider for whoever puts together the headlines: You can archive pages using, to protect against changes or deletion.

  • Danny G

    Any word on what was presented at the 4th Avenue event last night?

  • steely

    drifting? hopefully not driving while sexting

  • Bolwerk

    So good to see our wannabe future emperor with his clothes on. There aren’t enough right-wing Dems in the field right now. We need more!