Speeding-Plagued 4th Ave Could Get a Road Diet in Bay Ridge

Fourth Avenue could get a road diet along 13 blocks in Bay Ridge, with added pedestrian islands and curb extensions. Images: DOT

Elevated from today’s headline stack: The Brooklyn Paper has a recap of DOT’s presentation to the Fourth Avenue Task Force last week, outlining options for the major avenue in Bay Ridge. The changes include a left-turn lane at 75th Street, a concrete pedestrian island at 86th Street, and a road diet along 13 blocks that would replace a four-lane configuration with two lanes plus turning bays.

The recommendations came after a January 24 workshop [PDF] where residents said their top concerns included speeding, double parking, and pedestrian safety. DOT’s measurements back up the concerns: on Fourth Avenue between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., up to 63 percent of drivers clocked in over the 30 mph speed limit.

A source who attended the meeting says the ideas were mostly well-received, and Bay Ridge has an active contingent of neighborhood street safety advocates, led by Maureen Landers. But of course, a presentation about traffic calming in Bay Ridge wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Community Board 10 member Allen Bortnick, who infamously lobbied to acquire the curbside parking space in front of his home. While DOT’s models show the change will have a minimal impact on the street’s automobile capacity (as engineer Dan Burden explains in this Streetfilm, road diets help traffic flow in a smoother, more orderly fashion), Bortnick saw a conspiracy. “Sadik-Khan is really Sadist-Khan, and she never met a car she liked,” he told Brooklyn Paper. “They’re duping the public.” So, mystery solved. Bortnick, appointed to CB 10 most recently by Council Member Vincent Gentile, is the one person in New York who takes Post columnist Andrea Peyser seriously.

Fourth Avenue, running six miles from Atlantic Avenue in Park Slope to Shore Road in Bay Ridge, has already received a makeover in Sunset Park, and a companion effort is underway in Park Slope. The next step in Bay Ridge: DOT will modify the plan to address feedback before presenting to CB 10. A date has not yet been set.

  • Jeff

    DOT seems to be going out of their way to not install bike lanes these days.

  • Eric McClure

    Yeah, how about rolling a mountable-curb two-way bike path right down the middle of that bad boy?

  • Dutchmazz

    I use the center Buffer on Fort Hamilton Pky. as an “Express Lane” while riding my Bike. I think I’ll be using this the same way. But the real issue is the Rampant Double Parking on 4th Ave. in Sunset Park. Once DOT repainted the lines the Double Parking situation got Way Worse.

  • Anonymous

    Pennsylvania Ave, Washington CD

  • Take the lane. Take the mirror.

  • left turn lanes need to accommodate at least 3 vehicles, these look very short, and I’d suggest use of ‘soft curbs’ at the center to prevent impatient aggressive drivers from using the center lane to pass, same on the right.

  • Anonymous

    The photos seem to indicate 13′ wide parking lanes. Doesn’t that invite drivers to “Double Park Here” ?

    I guess these proposed improvements are better than what’s here now. They just aren’t good enuff.