Today’s Headlines

  • Julio Acevedo Charged With Three Counts of Manslaughter (GothamistDNA, News, WSJ, Post 1, 2)
  • Cyclist Clings to Car Hood in Astoria Hit-And-Run; NYPD Shrugs It Off (Gothamist)
  • Quinn Supports NYPD Inspector General Bill (AP, News, NY1, DNA, NYT)
  • East River Plaza to Post Truck Route Signs at Loading Docks; CB 11: More to Come (DNA)
  • Plaza Is Key Component of Roosevelt Avenue Revitalization Strategy (News)
  • Despite Detractors, QueensWay Moves Forward (Observer)
  • MTA Has Made Strides With Open Data, But Can Still Do More (Gotham Gazette)
  • Steve Levin to W’burg Film Crew: “Thank You for Letting My People Park” (DNA)
  • LIRR Derailment Near Jamaica to Affect Service Until at Least Friday (NYT)
  • NYPD Tows Illegally-Parked Big Rigs in Marine Park (Bklyn Daily)
  • Time’s Up! Activists Make “Living Will” Vid Asking NYPD to Investigate Their Deaths (Animal, Bike Blog)

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  • moocow

    Is Gothamist really the only outlet to cover the plumbing van’s attempted murder of the cyclist?

  • Daphna

    Argh! Why can’t the NYPD do their job?

    Regarding the Gothamist article about the cyclist hit by a Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling van driver in Astoria: the driver deliberately drives into the bike lane, deliberately hits the cyclist twice, deliberately runs over the cyclist’s bike. Through luck the cyclist receives only minor injuries. Several people witness it. At least four witnesses offer the give statements to the NYPD. But the NYPD only take a brief statement from one witness. One witness has a picture of the van with the company name clearly visible: Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling. But the police decline to try to locate the driver. The police make the assumption that Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling would stonewall the NYPD and would not be forthcoming about who was driving.

    Isn’t that what police work is about – getting information even when someone wants to hide something? But the NYPD refuse to do their job.

    This Pat Sementa Company driver caused $1,700 property damage and some injuries and faces no consequences. He is free to run over more cyclists with impunity.

    The NYPD has @35,000 officers. NYC has @5 police per capita. The national average is @2 police per capita. Why keep such a high local tax rate to pay for such large NYPD force when they do not do their jobs?

  • Anonymous

    But don’t you think that the Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling company will eventually respond the call that was placed to the Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling company asking them why a driver for the Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling company would do something like that to another human being. I certainly believe that the Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling company would not want the name of the Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling company permanently associated with such a grossly irresponsible act as the one apparently perpetrated by someone working for Pat Sementa Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

  • Anonymous

    By “@5 police per capita” do you mean “0.005 police per capita”? I had never seen that use for the “@” sign.

  • Ian Turner

    I’m pretty sure anyone who does their Internet research is already going to stay away.

  • Anonymous

    Probably. Most of the media is pretty worthless as far as that kind of stuff goes.

  • Daphna

    I was using @ to mean approximately. I thought it was an okay abbreviation. As I understand, NYPD has over 35,000 officers which equals about 1 for every 235 NYC residents, which equals 5 for every 1,175, which would means more than 400 officers per 100,000 residents. NYC has 250% more officers per resident than the average across the nation.

  • Guest

    Hey, the NYPD will show up right away and charge you with felony reckless endangerment if a dirty cops lies about you trying to run him over:

    But if a motorist really does run somebody over, and intentionally keeps going while they’re stuck on the windshield, with a bunch of witnesses around, hey, the NYPD can’t be bothered to try stopping the driver. What, you expect them to put out an APB or something? You know how hard it is to find a plumbing van with a clear description and license plate?

  • Ian Turner

    Daphna : I think it is more common to use the tilde (~) in this context.

    You could also use ?, but that’s hard to type.

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