Today’s Headlines

  • Steve Levin Says Marty Golden Is Single-Handedly Holding Up Speed Cameras (Bklyn Paper)
  • Sensible Speed Cam Coverage From the Daily News; More on 2012 Fatals From TransNat
  • Sook-Ja Kim, 63, Killed by Motorist on Mosholu Parkway; No Known Charges (DNA)
  • Snow-Related or Speed-Related? One Dead, Seven Injured in Two Crashes Last Night (Post)
  • Motorist Seriously Injures Teenager on Parkside; Woman Dragged by Driver on Third (Bklyn Paper)
  • Sentencing Drag-Race Killer, Judge Denounces Vehicular Violence From the Bench (Post, News)
  • Stop Light Coming Near Site Where Mike Rogalle Was Killed by Curb-Jumping Driver (DNA)
  • DOT Plans Bike Lanes and Corrals for Park Slope, Gowanus, and Waterfront District (DNA)
  • Kips Bay Street-to-Park Conversion Starts Soon (DNA)
  • Planning Commission Approves Willets Point Development (Times Ledger)
  • Bus Line Owner Plans Service From Harlem to Fill Fung Wah Gap (DNA)
  • State Grant In Hand, Trust for Public Land Issues RFP for QueensWay Feasibility Study (DNA, SAS)

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  • krstrois

    There’s also this piece that reports on a study that determined that small children do not have much ability to perceive “pedestrian safety cues.” Yet more support for speed camera legislation.

  • krstrois

    Btw, if you overlay the DOT speed map with Marty Golden’s district it’s pretty stark. His constituency is, essentially, people who speed.

  • Anon

    I love blaming crashes on the weather. The fatal crash in Queens looks like a high speed impact. I guess driving too fast for the present conditions is not a cause of the crash. Too bad the driver was killed by the weather.