Eyes on the Street: NYPD (?!) Tells Greenpoint Drivers, “No Dooring”

Spotted on the door of Greenpoint Finest Deli on Manhattan Avenue. Photo: ##https://groups.google.com/d/msg/transaltbrooklyn/PtMQc6ja5NY/zIsniiSyaKMJ##Hilda Cohen##

Here’s a welcome sign on the front door to Greenpoint Finest Deli, at the corner of Manhattan and Norman Avenues. The notice, ostensibly from NYPD, reminds drivers and passengers of their obligation to look before opening the door of parked cars. “Summonses will be issued,” the sign warns.

The sign, spotted by Hilda Cohen, would be consistent with the anti-dooring campaign TLC and DOT launched in September.

Bodega employees said that an officer from the 94th Precinct had distributed the sign. Officers on the street couldn’t verify whether the sign came from the precinct or not. Streetsblog has put in an inquiry with NYPD headquarters and the 94th Precinct for more information. We’ll let you know if we hear an update.

  • This is cool. The font, layout, print quality, and mention of approaching vehicles all seem like tell-tale signs that this is in fact the work of NYPD.

    I’d to see them put these flyers where large numbers of motorists will see them, like gas stations.

  • T

    Nice. Better yet, put ’em on parked cars’ windshields.

  • Shemp

    I was driving a zipcar down Kent Ave in the north side two summers ago and a PD checkpoint stopped me and gave me a flyer saying to watch for cyclists along the Avenue. I figured hell had frozen over. Not sure if it’s the same Pct but it’s nearby and definitely in this same vane.

  • Anonymous

    Also very happy to see this. Just wish “obligated” was replaced by “REQUIRED BY LAW”–and presented in the classically unsubtle underlined boldface for which the NYPD is famous.

  • mcguinnessterror

    Perhaps this is the work of the 94th’s Capt Komar. He’s very pro-bike. He keeps his own bike accident stats.

  • Anonymous

    If someone at NYPD can type and print this, then they can also sign an online petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/106/660/535/demand-that-nyc-taxis-audibly-warn-passengers-about-dooring/

  • Anonymous

    While one would hope that someone who’s received a drivers license would know this, those who don’t drive may not consider the dangers of the road, so yes this is a good thing. One could add so many other things too, like double parking (and the implied entering/exiting), not using turn signals, speeding, running red lights, doing u-turns, changing lanes that have solid lines, not staying in your lane, using 2 parking spaces (and therefore making a vehicle look for another spot), stopping at the line (and not in a cross walk) and on and on. All these items create dangerous situations and distractions for other drivers. I’ve recorded bicyclists running reds and almost hitting peds, changing lanes illegally, etc. so the reminders should be for everyone about everything to have a real impact on safety, maybe with the tag line ‘Reckless behavior will not be tolerated. The perpetrator will be ticketed’.

  • James Kennedy

    THIS IS AWESOME. #Dothisinprovidence.

  • bk

    More like you cyclists should watch where you are going. You cause the accidents. Better yet get off the roads – they are meant for cars.


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