City Council Lets Albany and NYPD Off the Hook for Traffic Violence

City Council Speaker Chris Quinn and Transportation Committee Chair James Vacca finally responded to the deaths of Amar Diarrassouba and Raizel and Nachman Glauber today, after devoting their energy earlier in the week to keeping municipal parking underpriced.

So are they calling on Albany to pass speed camera legislation? Nope. Pressuring NYPD to get serious about crash investigations and truck enforcement? Not that either.

Quinn and Vacca, joined by five other council members, are making their stand for safer streets by sending a letter to the one agency that’s taken meaningful action to reduce traffic violence, NYC DOT. How courageous:

If you’d like to help tackle the traffic enforcement issues that the City Council won’t touch, Transportation Alternatives’ speed camera petition is a good place to start.

  • And for inspiration, check out the Transportation alternatives speed camera vid!

  • Joe R.

    It’s funny how these same morons will probably oppose most of the things JSK might do to make an intersection safer. This is a classic case of passing the buck. If Quinn and Vacca got their heads out of their behinds they might actually see DOT is already taking measures to make streets safer, but it is unfortunately being constrained by people who think we shouldn’t lose any parking or travel lanes in the process. If Quinn and Vacca really want safer streets, then how about standing out of the way of DOT? Same thing with the community boards. Let DOT and only DOT have the final say about what is done to any given street.

  • krstrois

    Wow, that is quite a lot of nerve. 

  • Guest

    With over thirty New Yorkers killed in traffic since the start of the year one has to wonder why these two cases warrant Speaker Quinn’s attention and the rest do not.  Does Martha Atwater’s death not deserve some sort of investigation?  Jessica Dworkin was killed in Quinn’s own district last summer, for goodness sake, yet Quinn hasn’t responded to requests for traffic calming.  Why speak up about these tragedies, but not those?

    It couldn’t be because Christine Quinn is cynically exploiting a tragedy to gain votes, could it?

  • Eric McClure

    Quinn and Vacca are seriously doing their best to make my head explode.

  • I’m glad I’m not the Hon. Commissioner, because my reply would not be very professional.

  • Guest

    And what happens when the DOT recommendation doesn’t simply shunt of bikes/peds, will it be Vacca and Quinn raising charges of a “war on drivers”?

  • Anonymous

    A  less than one page long letter? Really? That’s their response? 

  • Ben Kintisch

    Politics aside, what this letter asks for is actually a good thing if it gets implemented: an investigation of the traffic conditions/engineering that may have contributed to a tragedy. I have often written on this blog that one of the biggest reasons that Copenhagen is so safe is because they have a law mandating that city traffic engineers come out to any major accident to imagine if a safer re-design of that intersection or stretch of road would prevent a future tragedy. Imagine if this same policy was adopted in NYC and each of these individual tragedies resulted in safer streets for our neighborhoods.


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