Today’s Headlines

  • Amar Diarrassouba Is Buried; Erik Mayor’s Victim-Blaming Gets Attention (Post 1, 2)
  • Unlike Press, Victim’s Family Doesn’t Blame Guard (NY MagDNA, Post 1, 2, 3NYT, News 1, 2, 3)
  • Parents at Diarrassouba’s School Complain of Large Trucks Delivering to East River Plaza (TransNat)
  • Driver Kills W’burg Couple, Flees; Premature Baby Dies (PostNewsWSJDNAGothamist, NYT 1, 2)
  • On the “Boulevard of Death,” News Holds Vigil With Victim’s Mother, Waiting for Safety Fixes
  • Fordham Heights Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Bronx Pedestrian, 61, in Critical Condition (Post)
  • Family of Ryo Oyamada, Killed by NYPD Officer Driving Cruiser, Looks for Answers (Gothamist)
  • Driver Smashes Through Deli, Seriously Injures Man on Midtown Sidewalk (Post, NY1)
  • Ocean Parkway Is Brooklyn’s Most Dangerous Street for Pedestrians (Bklyn Paper)
  • The Latest Fare Hike Is Now In Full Effect (GothamistNY1)
  • Meet BusTrek: New GPS Tech That Helps the MTA Cut Down on Bus Bunching (News)
  • Markowitz Endorses Eric Adams to Succeed Him As Brooklyn Beep (News)

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember if you posted this recently, but I found it interesting:

    Priceless quote from Councilman Dan Garodnick: “Pedestrians know how to time street crossings in relation to an ordinary bicycle. Once you add bicycles that are powered by either human or other power, you make a much more dangerous situation for people on the street.”

    So what, you only like bikes that don’t have any source of power? Not even human power? But those can be dangerous too: you could trip on one of them!

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’m waiting for the news article or TV story that blames the East River Greenway for the horrible death of that young couple and their unborn child.  The only way the blood blame won’t be put on bicycles and those who ride them is if the driver of the BMW was an unlicensed Afro American who had just stolen it.

  • Anonymous

    From the second NYT article on the Kent Ave. killings:

    “This guy’s a coward and he should pay his price,” said Abraham, adding that the community wants a homicide prosecution.

    I’m all for it. And let’s hope this gets people in that area to embrace traffic calming. As someone who rode a bike on Kent Ave. every day for a long time–before the Greenway was installed–I can attest that traffic is horrible there. But am I crazy to think that a person killed on a bike on Kent would not rouse similar passions?

  • Ian Turner

    @dporpentine:disqus : I think he’s saying that if you have a mix of power types, it can make the situation less predictable.

  • Ian Turner

    The previous comment should be directed at @qrt145:disqus .

  • Anonymous

    @7c177865bd107a919938355fe93de93a:disqus : good point, I hadn’t thought of that interpretation. (I still disagree with the councilman, though.)

  • Fed Up

    Every single editorial writer, news producer, and reporter who penned or broadcast a “Bike Bedlam” piece in the last two years — all in the name of page views and ratings — while ignoring the NYPD’s utter dereliction of its duty to uphold the law as it pertains to deadly driving is to blame for the recent spate of tragedies that have taken such young and promising lives. 

    Let’s blame the drivers, of course, but let’s also blame a news media culture that doesn’t take this stuff seriously at all.