Paging James Vacca: Curb-Jumper Injures Senior Citizen on 5th Ave Sidewalk

Photo: Liz Patek

Can we get a James Vacca City Council hearing on this?

A man in his eighties was seriously injured today when an SUV driver jumped the curb and slammed into Saks Fifth Avenue in Midtown a little before 11 a.m. Gothamist reports that the victim was walking by the store at the time and was taken to Bellevue in stable condition.

Even though Fifth Avenue has some of the most crowded sidewalks in the Western Hemisphere, the driver who careened off the road was immediately exonerated by NYPD, who told Gothamist there’s “no criminality suspected.”

At least six pedestrians were killed by curb-jumping motorists in NYC last year. Those victims were all 58 years or older. Given the prevalence of traffic violence — more than 10,000 NYC pedestrians are hurt by motorists every year — it’s likely that hundreds of other New Yorkers were injured while on the sidewalk in 2012.

Thanks to reader Liz Patek for sending in the photo from the scene.

  • Mark Walker

    Bollards, please.

  • Anonymous

    You’re safer taking the subway.

  • Guest

    “Idea: allow drivers to park on sidewalk.” – Thought inside Vacca’s head right now.

  • CheapSkate

    Cars jumping the curb has become much more common than it was five or ten years ago. Is there something about the design of modern day cars that makes them prone to lose control on city streets? More distracted drivers? It’s time someone took a serious look into this instead of writing it off as “no criminality suspected.”

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    That something would be the higher center of gravity typical of the average SUV. A great curb jumper, in fact they market it that way.

  • Anonymous

    @f8a3c153e184bb0b9bb9d6e02ba08591:disqus, I don’t know the 5-10 year context, but I certainly noticed that it’s a common occurrence.  I regrettably suspended compiling data for my monthly survey of such incidents, but I will resume it tonight and hopefully in a few days I will add several months to this incomplete report:

  • Louise Peyser Cuozzo

    Damed bike lanes and kamikaze psycho cyclists. 

  • Louise Peyser Cuozzo

    Damed bike lanes and kamikaze psycho cyclists. 

  • Louise Peyser Cuozzo

    Damed bike lanes and kamikaze psycho cyclists. 

  • Driver

    Two words CheapSkate, smart phone. 

  • jrab

    If you want the city council to hold a hearing on anything in the transportation field, I suggest calling CM Vacca’s legislative office at 212-788-7375 and let them know how concerned you are.

  • Adam Anon

    Certainly the driver wasn’t speeding, right? Right?

  • Mizzounyc


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