Today’s Headlines

  • Full Details About March Fare Hike, Including $1 New MetroCard Fee (2nd Ave SagasGothamistPost)
  • Liu Attends S.I. Anti-Toll Rally; MTA Board Member Rails Against Bridge Tolls Funding Transit (Advance)
  • DOT Eliminates or Adjusts Left Turns After 2010 Study Highlights Danger (Post)
  • Woman Has Cardiac Arrest and Severe Head Trauma After She’s Hit by Driver in Bensonhurst (News)
  • Plans for MetroCard Replacement Remain Vague (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Post: What Next Year’s Super Bowl “Fan Zone” on Broadway Needs Is More Cars
  • Brooklyn Paper Rounds Up Some NIMBYs for Its South Williamsburg Plaza Plan Story
  • Lhota: Commuter Tax, Gone Since 1999, Should Come Back to Fund City (NewsdayCapNYAdvance)
  • NY Mag Christine Quinn Profile: Her Dad Didn’t Like Congestion Pricing, and She Quotes Jane Jacobs
  • S.I. Advance Ferry Editorial Can’t Help But Mention Bike Lanes (Gothamist)
  • Mott Haven Residents Have Vision for Harlem River Rail Yards — Minus FreshDirect (News)

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  • Voter

    Remember this line every time Quinn brings up her father as an example of a working-class New Yorker:

    “…despite the fact that he now lives on 87th and Riverside, he parks his
    beloved 2002 Mercedes at 212th Street and Tenth Avenue, under the el.”

    Pity the poor working class New Yorker who has to find a place to park his Mercedes!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Quinn is no different than the rest.  There is the executive/financial class, the political/union class, and the serfs.

    None of these people can claim to be among the serfs.  Liu might have had a claim, if he wasn’t hell bent on selling out to the political/union class, as the article shows.

  • The So. Williamsburg article is worth the click just for the Tal Barzilai appearance in the comments. Tal is like the NIMBY of the future: Not In Other People’s Backyards, Either. 

    Tal claims he’s “available” to attend the next BK CB1 meeting to protest the proposed plazas. What a treat! I’d love to meet this crank in the flesh. I’m sure our commutes to that meeting will be much easier…

  • Anonymous


    Oh man.  Tal is everywhere.  He must’ve been banned from Streetsblogs, b/c I see him on every other transportation blog, polluting comment sections with his hateful rants against bikers and bike lanes etc.  

  • Jjmacjohnson

    Maybe the “fan zone” can be like in New Orleans and also be a no protest zone too!

  • I’m not sure if he’s even interested in leaving comments here at all. He thinks all safe streets advocates are extremist whackos who only want to cause traffic jams and litigate against transportation authorities. He thinks of us what we think of him, a fairly inaccurate impression. All I can do is certainly not attempt to ACT like he does in support of our own cause.

  • Bolwerk

    This libservative ban-it mentality on safe streets boards is counterproductive. Tal is a hero. He makes his own cause look stupid.  It’s better he post here, where he’ll be answered and where the public can see rational arguments countering him, than on carhead boards where his BS will go unanswered, and people who might offer rational answers will be banned.

  • Joe R.

    @3a9cb377ae68ba7b489d30e5eb859747:disqus I agree with you. Tal is all the liveable streets movement could have hoped for. Besides that, his rants are always great for a laugh. Tal perfectly epitomizes the phrase “give someone a rope and sooner or later they’ll hang themselves”. I’ve spent many enjoyable hours at the various sites he frequents answering his illogical, nonsensical diatribes only to have him come back with even more ridiculous retorts.

  • Anonymous

    The city is removing “Don’t Honk” signs:

    I think this is really sad, as I believe the noise caused by cars (horns, engines, thumping stereos, and useless car alarms) is one of the most under-rated detractors from the livability of a city. Just another reason we need to get people out of cars: they become completely inconsiderate jerks as soon as they get behind the wheel and have to create a blasting, omnidirectional, ridiculously loud noise at any little think that irritates them.