Today’s Headlines

  • Puran Thapa, 7, Killed by Driver in Ridgewood; “No Criminality Suspected” (Post 1, 2; DNA)
  • Pedestrian Critical After Driver Pins Victim to Wall in Brooklyn Heights (DNA, BHB, NBC)
  • TSTC: Imperiled Safe Routes Funding All the More Reason for Albany to Act on Traffic Cams
  • Lawrence Downes: Cuomo Should Slay the NIMBY Beast Blocking LIRR Third Track (NYT)
  • South Ferry Station May Not Reopen for at Least a Year (TransNat, AP); Kabak Takes a Tour
  • SI Commuters Say Walking to Express Bus Preferable to Driving to South Shore Ferry (Advance)
  • Assembly Member Phil Goldfeder Wants Feasibility Study for Rockaway Beach Rail Revival (SAS)
  • Will Proposed Kips Bay Plaza Hinge on Who Gathers More Signatures? (DNA)
  • Long Island City Curb Hogs Would Rather Kids Eat Cigarette Butts Than Move Their Cars (DNA)
  • Bill Thompson Says He Would Appoint a Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure (NYT)
  • The Wave of the Future: Big-City Mayors Tout Protected Bike Lanes as Economic Must-Haves (USAT)

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  • jrab

    Nice to see Mr. Nigel Rollings of Long Island City complaining about how difficult it is to park the car he uses for his business on the street. Perhaps Mr. Rollins is unaware that vehicles used for commercial purposes are restricted from overnight parking on New York City streets.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Oh that Long Island Railroad article is worth a read, because it puts the third track in perspective.

    Long Island is being killed by a selfish grifter culture, which you find at the LIRR and elsewhere.  You wonder why the place isn’t more foward looking?  Because the non-grifters are moving away.  Including most of my wife’s family.  And shaking the dust from their feet.  And new people aren’t moving in.

    All the young people who aren’t moving to the cities are moving to New Jersey and the northern suburbs, which is why the NJ transit links are overwhelmed but LIRR ridership is stagnant.  Yet what we are building is East Side Access — all the money is going to benefit Long Island, and those currently there don’t even appreciate it.  What you have left out there is a bunch of disability scamming retirees.  Who is going to buy their houses when they pass on?

    So what’s gonna happen when only grifters are left, because the next generation has moved away and no one has been willing to open a business there anymore?  I suppose they’ll try to rob those in NYC even more.  It has 3 million people, out of 19 in the state, and if it goes down, it’s gonna hurt.  Somebody had better be willing to fight to turn this place around before it is too late.  The LIRR would be a good place to start.

  • Danny G

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus I don’t see Long Island getting that abandoned, but if it does, there’ll be no NIMBY’s around to complain and the MTA can go all out and get a fourth track, like many subway lines already have.

  • jrab

    Larry, if Islanders were grifters, they would figure out how to get their money out of the con.

  • Anonymous

    The article about alternate side coming to Long Island City is a great example of why on-street parking should cost money.  Rationing this valuable street space according to who has the most time to spend looking for parking spots is just wrong.  It leads to situations like the one described where people resist improvements, like street cleaning, because it will disrupt their parking habits.  It reminds of those stories from the USSR in the 80’s where people would wait on line all day to get scarce groceries and toilet paper.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding Long Island, if it really does de-populate significantly, seems like there is still some good farmland out there, as well as some decent fisheries.  LIRR can serve as a freight rail.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Larry, if Islanders were grifters, they would figure out how to get their money out of the con.”

    Islanders are tired of being grifted, and moving out unless they are in on the con.  That’s the problem.  The place is starting to slide.  That’s the sort of thing that can pick up speed if it isn’t turned around.

  • Ryan Ng

    Is there any hope that the South Ferry station would reopen before Cortlandt St station does?

  • Nathanael

    The driver pinned a pedestrian to a WALL?   How do you even DO that? 

    And the driver wasn’t arrested?

    Someone needs to arrest the cops who didn’t arrest this driver.

  • Nathanael

    Larry: LI will get smaller and less populous as it floods, so that’ll take care of some of it.

  • Ian Turner

    Can someone set up a conversation between Heritage Equity Partners and the developers of the Gateway Center and East River Plaza, so that the former can learn from the others’ mistakes?