Agenda 21 Alert: Glenn Beck’s Words to Watch

Be afraid.

Sure, we know the movement for “sustainable” transportation and development is a front for Agenda 21, a.k.a. The UN Plot to End Private Property in the United States. But what to do?

As with any battle, the first step is identifying the enemy. Fortunately (and none too soon), Glenn Beck has published a “comprehensive list of key words and phrases that are often used at the local level when discussing Agenda 21 related initiatives.”

You no doubt know the biggies like “Climate Change,” “Global Warming,” and “Prosperity.”  Here are less obvious dog-whistle terms to listen for at your next “town council” or “planning commission” meeting:

Greenways, High Speed Rail, Land Use Policies, Livable communities, Livable Communities, Local, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (this one is also kind of a biggie, actually), Mixed Use Development, Multi-Use Dwellings, Open Space, Parking Policy, Regional, Resilient Cities, Responsible development, Safe Routes to Schools (!!), Smart growth, Sustainable development, Traffic calming, Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Transportation Justice, Vehicle Mileage Traveled Tax, Vibrant Neighborhoods, Vision, Walkable Communities

Other watchwords include “Choice,” “Communities,” “Consensus,” “Fair,” and “Common good.”

Above all, remember this: If you are in a “public meeting” or “public forum” and you hear the word “Outcomes,” resist! Scream and shout and don’t let up until the UN agents abandon their plot!

Click through for brother Glenn’s complete list, and be sure to buy his new book — essential reading to thwart responsible, vibrant tyranny!

Hat tip to brother Jason Henderson. / End transmission

  • John

    LOL.  That’s some good crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Scenic vistas! Safe Routes to School! oooh…scary!

  • Tin Foil Hat

    Notice that one of the words to watch is “smart.” ‘Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny until it stops your town from getting anything good done.

  • Michael Morris

    “Justice” “Good” “Communities” – I’m petrified

  • Anonymous

    The good news is this guy (Glen Beck) is crazy. Don’t give him too much time and don’t think he represents most people’s opinions.

  • Brad Aaron

    @jd_x:disqus Crazy like Lonesome Rhodes.

  • shnk

    Haha “work”, “learning”, “good”, “life”, “one” really?  You can barely even form a sentence without being on his no-no list.  People actually listen to this guy.  It blows my mind.  If you’re reading this and you agree with the significance of these words are suggested by Glenn Beck, you are stupid.  It isn’t a question.  You are not intelligent.  It’s okay.  It happens.  But it’s better that you know now.  That way you can let the people who understand make the big decisions.  Here, play with these Legos.

  • mike

    shnk – you’re correct. “Smart” is a watchword. : )

  • The word cloud is cool, but I’m also grateful for Glenn’s link to this amazing site:

    I’m glad to finally find this rallying place for Democrats who are opposed to any environmental measure that would actually make a difference (if you measure “outcomes”), as opposed to the feel-good kind.

    It’s got to be the Internet Explorer home page for half the city council.

  • Triple0

    But, Glenn Beck has a vision for a new utopian community on the same day he published this.  In Part 2, (minutes 5:00-8:00) he discusses how he’ll achieve Mixed-Income housing by using Form-Based Codes. 

    Then, goes on to lament the damage cars in residential communities have done, and discussing thriving public spaces for communities.   Seriously:

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Glenn isn’t the most credible opponent to Agenda 21, so here is Chapman University Urban Theorist Joel Kotkin, talking about LA County’s move to drive people off their land in the desert:

    ““There’s definitely an attempt to squeeze out of Angelenos the very things that make them Angelenos and not New Yorkers or Bostonians,” says Chapman University urban theorist Joel Kotkin.“There are two forces at work: One is the effort to re-engineer people into wards of the state. The other is urban land interests who want to force people to live in ways they don’t want to live.”

  • Tiredofcrazies

    This isn’t a joke. 

    There are millions of Americans that believe this stuff (created in part by the John Birch Society). Until we take their craziness seriously, they will continue to be major barriers to walkability and livability in our communities (everywhere, yes, even in NYC –> I think Steve Cuozzo is one of them). 

  • Anonymous

    Against “common good”? Fine, Ill remember that next time some traffic engineer wants to expand capacity at the expense of an urban neighborhood “for the common good”.

  • Even funnier that Beck refers to considering that page starts with (in all CAPS OF COURSE)  “SOUNDS LIKE SCIENCE FICTION…OR SOME CONSPIRACY THEORY…BUT IT ISN’T”. Well gee, I guess that settles it then.

  • Isaac

    Kotkin is a hack. He will never concede that any urban-focused developments can be natural or a result of market forces, they’re all just ‘subsidized boondoggles’ or ‘pie-in-the-sky’ projects, and similarly he’ll never acknowledge suburban sprawl as anything but “natural” and “normal”.

    He has it all figured out in advance, he’s just working from a conclusion (based on his personal preferences) and building up a series or “proofs” from this shaky foundation. Read his essays sometime with their tortured presuppositional logic…by his rationale NYC should be empty as no one would want to live there.You can say the same thing about his fellow travelers Wendell Cox and Randal O’Toole.



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