Today’s Headlines

  • With “Supporters” of Bike Lanes Like Christine Quinn… (TransNatGothamistBklyn Spoke)
  • DOT Unveils Wayfinding Signage for Pedestrians and Cyclists (TransNat, WSJ, News, Observer)
  • How Does Cuomo’s State of the State Measure Up to Christie’s and Malloy’s? (TSTC)
  • Just Another Weekend of Carnage on NYC Streets (Post 12, 3, 4)
  • NYPD, Calling Times Square “Recreational Space,” Gets Bollards Added to Permanent Redesign (NYT)
  • The Post‘s Bike-Share Experts: AAA and a Brooklyn Electrician
  • NJ Transit to NYC Returns to Pre-Sandy Levels; Lines to Hoboken Still Reduced (Post)
  • Cap’n Transit Proposes a Pulaski Busway
  • NYC Still on Watch This Week for Possible School Bus Driver Strike (Advance, DNA, News)
  • “Stand Away from Platform Edge” Announcements Increase (NYT); Doors Considered for L Train (Post)
  • An Answer to the Question, “Why Is Queens Boulevard So Wide?” (NYT)

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  • moocow

    As an “Electrician and Plumber”, Michael Sampo of Brooklyn is kind of hard to find. I didn’t look real hard, but you would think in a business like that, you’d have your name everywhere.
    The Post really out does itself with the writing of that “story”.

  • Robert

    Re: 87-year-old man injured + dog killed.

    “[They] came out of nowhere in the middle of the street,” the female driver told The Post.

    Uh, huh… must be one blazing fast suicidal senior.  Not. 

  • I like the photo of “bike bedlam” on the Post’s bike share story. Looks like a bunch of people calming going about their business to me.

  • > Doors Considered for L Train (Post)

    Oh, let’s not do this. Am I just being conservative here? I don’t like the idea of walling up the platforms.