Today’s Headlines

  • Ray Kelly: Maintaining My Legacy Should Be Litmus Test for Next Mayor (DNA)
  • Family of Judge “Sonny” Ali, Killed in Wakefield Hit-and-Run, Kept in the Dark by NYPD (News)
  • TSTC: Data on Race and Ethnicity Would Help Mitigate Pedestrian Fatalities (MTR)
  • Officials Act Swiftly to Revoke License of Reckless … Crane Operator (Post)
  • Oliver Koppell: Quinn and Vacca Holding Up Vote on Wheelchair-Accessible Taxis (CapNY)
  • DOT Could Learn From the Department of Education on Dealing With Community Boards (DNA)
  • Ben Kabak Weighs In on Cuomo’s State of the State
  • Jersey Bridge Closure Highlights Brilliance of Christie’s Decision to Kill the ARC (TransNat)
  • Meet Bob McManus, the Now-Retired “Gentleman” Who Oversaw the Post’s Attacks on Safer Streets

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  • Anonymous

    What exactly could DOT learn from the DOE on dealing with Community Boards based on that article? I’m not getting it.

  • @dizzle2:disqus :
    Well, if anything, it’s an example of how to disregard an insane community board. I found nothing that they said (as quoted in the article) to be reasonable. The DOT often capitulates to such opinions. The DOE, I bet, is too cash-strapped to bother to listen.

  • Miles Bader

    Hmm, as an alternative, how about “Running over Ray Kelly with a steamroller” as a litmus test?