Today’s Headlines

  • $17.8 Million in MTA Bus Service Coming on Line This Weekend (NYT, NewsDNA)
  • Straphangers: Hurricane Sandy Was Both the Worst and the Best News for NYC Transit in 2012 (AP)
  • What the Heck Happened During Adolfo Carrion’s Brief Stint at the White House? (WSJ)
  • Queens CB 8 District Manager Will Make a Run for James Sanders’ Old Council Seat (QChron)
  • QChron Notes the Year-End Spate of Traffic Deaths in Eastern Queens
  • Cuomo Planning a Re-Org for Subsidy-Dispensing, Arena-Building ESDC (Post)
  • Step Aside, “Broken Windows,” and Make Way for the “Leaded Gas” Theory of Crime (MJ via Gothamist)
  • Tom Vanderbilt Talks Biking and Bike Advocacy With Embrocation (via Brooklyn Spoke)
  • Want to Liven Up NYC’s Sidewalk Scaffolding? There’s a Kickstarter Campaign for You (Curbed)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    So how many people who made it to the top, on Wall Street, in government, in the non-profit sector, and in the public employee unions, were exposed to leaded gasoline as children?  Will a drop in institutional white collar pillaging follow 30 years after the drop in leaded gasoline.

    Actually, I think values have a lot to do with these patterns.

  • Jjmacjohnson

    Art and scaffolding?

    Isn’t there already a group doing this in the Wall Street Downtown area?

  • Anonymous

    I liked the Vanderbilt interview, but I was flabbergasted when he said “When I saw some recently coverage marveling at how LeBron James rides his bike to and from Heat games, I was flabbergasted how the story didn’t even mention the first thing any self-respecting cyclist would want to know: What’s he riding?”

    I am a self-respecting cyclist and I don’t care what LeBron rides any more than I care what Gwyneth Paltrow wears to the Oscars. That’s just fashion trivia. (The technical specs of his bike might be relevant if we were talking about racing instead of commuting.) I’d be more interested in knowing the details of his commute (time, distance, route, parking, road behavior, etc.)

  • JamesR

    “I am a self-respecting cyclist and I don’t care what LeBron rides any
    more than I care what Gwyneth Paltrow wears to the Oscars.”

    Plenty of us DO care, however, and are curious to know – especially considering LeBron’s height. I’d imagine he had a custom frame designed for him. Tom Vanderbilt actually is an amateur racer now, as much as many of you seem hate that crowd. To some, the bike is just a means to an end, and to others like myself, it’s a rolling canvas for great design and is just plain cool in and of itself.

  • Anonymous

    Still no B51 restoration, though.  Would be a useful route with the boom in residential construction near the Manhattan Bridge.