Today’s Headlines

  • Joe Lhota’s Running for Mayor and the MTA Will Need a New Chair (NYT)
  • Next in Line to Run MTA in the Interim: Tom Prendergast and Freddy Ferrer (WSJPost, News)
  • Expect the Other Candidates to Hang This Fare Hike Around Lhota’s Neck (NY1, WNYC, CapNY)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: All This Turnover at the Top Is Bad for the MTA
  • Will Transit Riders Pay for Cuomo’s Capitulation on Thruway Truck Tolls? (MTR)
  • Hell’s Kitchen Residents Propose Turning Dyer Ave Pavement Into a Park (DNA)
  • PATH Service Finally Returning to Hoboken (WSJ)
  • Mini-Bus Driver Ran Over and Killed 78-Year-Old Man in Ocean Parkway Crosswalk (NY1)
  • Driver Killed 76-Year-Old Woman Crossing Avenue M in Brooklyn Earlier This Week (NBC)
  • One Dead and One Critically Injured in Separate DWI Crashes on SI (Post)
  • Someone’s Under the Illusion That the Law Compels Americans to Drive Responsibly (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Ferrer?  Please.  Instead of borrowing for expenses that should be considered operating, such as ongoing normal replacement and “reimbursable” expenses in the capital plan, he’ll just go ahead and borrow for operating.  We might also get 20/50, or more raises at double the inflation rate.

    What the MTA needs is someone to tell the unpopular truths loudly.  Since most of those truths are about what went on before A. Cuomo took office, he has no reason not to put someone like that in.

  • Anonymous

    Lhota turned out to be a surprisingly good MTA chief — constrained by Cuomo, of course, but much less than many members of the administration. Sad to see him go.

    The Thruway toll hike conclusion is just ridiculous. Somehow under Cuomo there is always money in the banana stand to bail out the highway system, and never the transit system.

  • Anonymous

    Cuomo’s popularity in places like Rockland County is understandable.  He is giving them a much bigger TZ bridge at a huge discount to them — not the rest of us, of course.  Who doesn’t like stuff on sale?  

    I just sleep better at night knowing that I’m helping support all those McMansions on 1/2 acre lots.  Can’t wait until all those cars come into my side of the river; better get started on those new parking lots and road widening projects!  Nothing better to do with my money….