Tuesday: Crucial Event for Safer Streets on the Upper West Side

On Tuesday DOT will update Manhattan Community Board 7 on how the Columbus Avenue bike lane has affected street safety, and discussion is expected to focus on whether to bring protected bike lanes and pedestrian refuges to more of the Upper West Side. While an earlier assessment showed a significant drop in traffic collisions and injuries, the board has shown no inclination to actively extend those gains to other areas.

With DOT largely ceding final say over street redesigns to community boards, a strong showing by residents who want safer streets is critical. CB 7 has yet to endorse redesigns to improve the safety of walking and biking on Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, and last week tabled a thoroughly vetted plan for bike racks in the district. Tomorrow’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. at Congregation Rodeph Sholom, 7 W. 83rd Street.

Also this week:

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Tomorrow: Speak Up for Safer Streets on the Upper West Side

Tomorrow night, the transportation committee of Manhattan Community Board 7 will take public input on the possible expansion of protected bike lanes on the Upper West Side. On the agenda is a request from the board that DOT complete a proposal for protected lanes and other changes to the streetscape, including pedestrian islands, turning lanes […]

This Week: Safer Linden Blvd, Showdown Over 111th Street

Go ahead and clear your Tuesday evening schedule. With street redesigns on the agendas of five community boards in four boroughs, there’s probably something close to home happening tomorrow night. The projects up for discussion include safety plans for Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn, 111th Street in Queens, and Clove Road in Staten Island. Here are the highlights. […]