78th Precinct Sets Up Protected Bike Lane on Bergen Street

They aren't foolproof, but NYPD barriers are helping to keep this short block of the Bergen Street bike lane clear of illegally-parked vehicles. Photo: Ian Dutton

The guerrilla bike lane on Bergen Street now has an official imprimatur. It may be hard to believe, but the tug-of-war over whether bike riders or parked cars from the 78th Precinct belong in the Bergen Street bike lane — tough one, isn’t it? — now has an unexpected referee. Over the weekend, NYPD barriers popped up on the edge of the bike lane where it approaches Flatbush Avenue, replicating a citizen-led effort that flourished for about a week this summer.

Word on the street is that cyclists can thank 78th Precinct Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri for the barricades, though the precinct’s community affairs office credited the NYPD Barrier Section. Whoever is behind the short stretch of protected bike lane, the 78th Precinct is definitely being a more courteous neighbor on this block and setting an example that other precincts should follow.

Not everything is perfect, however: A photo from this morning shows a police van blocking the bike lane and crosswalk. Though the barriers remained, bike riders could not enter the bike lane and had to go around into motor vehicle traffic.

This morning, the NYPD barriers remained -- but so did the NYPD vehicle blocking the way. Photo: Julie May
  • I had, among many other obstructions, to negotiate an NYPD van parked in the 8th avenue bike lane today. They really don’t set any kind of example to other road-users by and large. Glad to see one precinct commander is largely on the side of the angels here.

  • krstrois

    I was so happy (and in shock when I saw NYPD tape on the barriers) when I saw this the other day. Thank you very much to Deputy Inspector Ameri. 

  • Anonymous

    Credit where it’s due: thanks 78th!

  • Ian Dutton

    “…flourished for about a week…”?  It was actually 5-½ weeks that it lasted, until the second front-page article on the Brooklyn Paper brought it into a little too much spotlight. Thanks to all the people who had adopted the lane over the summer, and now to the leadership at the 78th, for this little symbolic contribution to neighborhood cyclists.

  • Park Slope Parent

    Deputy Inspector Ameri deserves our thanks for this.

  • Anonymous

    I almost fell of my bike jumping from joy when I saw this! But what the heck was the driver of the van thinking parking there? Even with out the barrier bike lanes are not NYPD parking. With the barrier it should be obvious that he or she is not supposed to be there.

  • Eric McClure

    Thanks, Deputy Inspector Ameri!

  • Isaac B

    Don’t like it. If anything causes the a barricade to shift or fall, it’s the cyclist who will be hurt.

  • Isaac B

    Are the barriers there to protect the bike lane, or to keep people from crossing mid-block?


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