Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Declares Transpo Emergency; MTA Fares Free Through Friday (NYT, News)
  • Bill McKibben Praises Cuomo for Linking Sandy to Climate Change (WSJ)
  • It Was Faster to Walk Than to Drive in Manhattan Yesterday (NYT, WSJ)
  • Quickest Way to Get Around NYC Right Now? Take the Bike (Bloomberg)
  • More Stories on the Manhattan Carpool Rule (DNAPost)
  • New Definition of “Carmaggedon”: A Period When There Are No Trains (AP)
  • No Night-time Bus Service in Blacked-Out Manhattan Below 23rd Street (DNAGothamist)
  • Cap’n Transit Asks: How Would You Rebuild the Subways Better Than Before?
  • Kimmelman: Thumbs Up to Barclays Center, Thumbs Down to “Atlantic Yards” (NYT)
  • Read Up on All the Intrigue Behind the Decision to Postpone the Nets Home-Opener (AYR 1, 2)
  • The Post Played the Sandy Card Against Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas. They Really Did.

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  • Bolwerk

    When reactionaries like Cuomo start talking about doing things better, the question should be, better for whom? Because his idea of better subways probably works out as well for the future as his idea of a better Tappan Zee Bridge.

    Then, this is not a popular view with many urban idealists, especially those who want park ‘n ride subway stations or buses to run underground,* but in many ways the subways are built about as well as they can be for what we need them to do. Except they’re not watertight. This doesn’t mean they operate as well as they should, but the form and function of the underground IRT sections may be quite near the best on Earth.

    I really don’t like how the SAS or 7 extension are going. They’re too deep, and they’re too expensive. SAS at least should be four tracks, and could be done by now if we employed cut and cover. And the cut and cover thing is more than just about getting things done faster; cut and cover means shallower stations, which means faster commute times and better accessibility.

    * I hope I’m only kidding about underground buses, but I don’t think I am. :-

  • KillMoto

    Re: NYPost blaming bike lanes for NYC carmageddon. That’s so WRF I LOL’d.

    Then It sunk in, and I cried.