Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg Takes No Responsibility for Yankee Stadium Parking Disaster (TransNat)
  • Howard Wolfson Tapped to Run Mayor’s New Super PAC (NYT)
  • Yassky: Taxi Apps Will Duke It Out Next Year (NYT)
  • City Embarks on $1B Plan to Accelerate Infrastructure Repairs (TransNat, NYT)
  • More Coverage of What Went Missing on Debate Night (TransNat)
  • Nassau County Officer Killed by Motorist on Long Island Expressway (Fox)
  • Driver Pins TEA Against a Fence in the Bronx; “No Criminality” (Post)
  • Staten Island Parents Don’t Want DWI Cop Who Killed Four to Work at Kids’ School (Advance)
  • No Lack of NYPD Resources When a Vehicle Owner Is the Victim (DNA)
  • These Motorcycle Riders Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Free Parking Pass (DNA)
  • Internet Momentarily Transfixed by Al Roker on a Bike (Buzzfeed, ZimbioONTD)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    If Bloomberg is responsible, then city taxpayers are responsible.  No way no now.  They took a business risk and lost.  After bankruptcy and restructuring, the garages could either be replaced after the property was written down enough (no subsidy)! or used for some other kind of parking.  Park and ride.  Parking for cars owned by people from Manhattan, for use out of town.  Rental cars.

    I would consider having the city least the roof parking for handball/paddleball/basketball courts and some of the other space for city vehicles — if the rates were low enough and some of the places where the city vehicles are not could be repurposed.  Utility vehicles are another possiblity.

    There are lots of potential uses for that site.  After a big fat write down.  It wouldn’t be the only one in commercial real estate, believe you me.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Moreover, whose fault is it?  No one’s fault.  The world changed. 

    From a world where everyone with money wanted to drive their own cars to shopping and entertainment, shopping and entertainment venues needed lots of parking to succeed, and parking made money.  To a world where none of that is true anymore.

    The change is recent.  It still hasn’t happened in many parts of the country.  The lessons are already being applied, as at Barclay’s center.  The free market isn’t smart; it learns by trial and error.  It isn’t a disaster, it is progress.

    As long as the right lesson is learned.  And the right lesson would not be a taxpayer bailout.

  • Kickshaw commented on Tuesday’s Daily News article:

    Hello everyone, this is Ben and Jen from The Queens Kickshaw. A few points in response to this article:

    – We are not abandoning our efforts to obtain a Bike Corral in front of The Queens Kickshaw. 
    – We have gathered nearly 700 physical and online signatures (, as well as 15 letters of support from area businesses within a 2 block radius (on Steinway) who support our efforts to obtain a Bike Corral in front of our shop. We would like the opportunity to present this new information to Community Board 1.
    – The library requested bike racks a few years ago and still has not gotten them. Of course we support their efforts, but it’s not an either-or scenario for us. More bike parking in Astoria would be great. We believe there is enough demand.
    – We contacted Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.’s office a couple of weeks ago to request a meeting, but have not yet heard back yet. 

    Thank you!

  • Eric M Boucher

    What is Roker drinking in that water bottle?  One of the commentors on Buzzfeed said it looks like corn and it certainly does, but that doesn’t seem likely.

  • krstrois

    Leaving aside the apparent maize-based energie type drink, I think the helmet is why people were transfixed by Al Roker. That is certainly the dorkiest helmet I have ever seen in my life. It makes the ordinary activity of cycling look, well, ridiculous.

  • fj

    NYC DoT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan on Planel Discussion on “NYC Leading the Way with PlaNYC”