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  • Bolwerk

    Quoth ChristieCuomo, “The old bridge is just dangerous and it’s out of date. We have to build a new bridge, period.” Remind you of the vehicles that he intends to send over it? ChristieCuomo is dead set on stealing money that could go to transit and blowing it on sprawl. He cannot be reasoned with.

    Re: “Crain’s Asks: The LGA Buses Will Serve Three Boroughs, Why Not Brooklyn?” Brooklyn should, like Manhattan, get a rail link to LGA. In Brooklyn’s case, probably via a rail link between JFK and LGA. That’s too far for a transit bus to work well.

  • Coverage of the Barclays Center concert by someone who stuck around to see the ending: troubling than the Transportation Nation/Daily News coverage. Norman Oder/Atlantic Yards Report

  • Larry Littlefield

    From Captain Transit and more and more Amtrak routes covering, or nearly so, their opearting costs:

    “The question then is what to do with these services. I don’t know the details of Amtrak’s agreements with the states. It may make sense for the states to shift their contribution from operating to capital and buy more rolling stock. If we get a congress that wants to invest in Amtrak, it may buy the rolling stock, leaving the states with money to invest in new routes.””The most profitable routes, like Washington-Lynchburg, may be of interest to private companies. What makes the most sense would be for the host railroad, in this case Norfolk Southern, to take it back and maybe extend it to Danville and Greensboro. In any case, it’s good news.”
    Good news?  Would Captain Transit say the same thing if the NYC subway was covering its operating costs, excluding debt service and excess pension costs from the past?  Or the commuter railroads?  I would.  It would make our transit system less vulnerable to the political scum.  How about the rest of you?

  • Benjamin Kabak

    Crain’s Asks: The LGA Buses Will Serve Three Boroughs, Why Not Brooklyn?

    I might write more about this later on SAS if I have some time, but I think the answer exposes the limitations of buses in NYC. Even if you extend a bus from LGA to Brooklyn, how far will it go? To Greenpoint? Williamsburg? Ft. Greene? Park Slope? Dyker Heights? Just getting more people from LGA to the subway in Jackson Heights quicker will drastically improve travel between LGA and Brooklyn. The better answer is probably to extend the G train beyond Court Sq.

  • Morris Zapp

    Sometimes I wear a kilt when I go to the movies. (I’m not your typical moviegoer.) The kind of kilt I prefer doesn’t have pockets, so there’s no place for me to put my ticket.

    Since I’m saving the environment by going to a movie instead of running the TV at home, why should I have to buy a ticket in the first place?

  • Bolwerk

    @google-eef280db617836352784f51307aa5ed8:disqus:  Definitely.  The G to LGA actually makes a lot of sense, given the G has a lot of extra capacity and provides pretty good access to every IND line into Manhattan, plus the 7 Train.

  • fj

    Yale Poll:  ‘Large And Growing Majority Of Americans’ Say ‘Global Warming Is Affecting Weather In The United States’

  • fj

    Florida old f**ts club shows what it would be like when NYC streets (and public space) goes safe.