Today’s Headlines

  • Queens Teen With Learner’s Permit Crashes New Car on Southern State Parkway, Killing 4 (NYT)
  • Fare Hike Option Would Raise Monthly and Weekly Rates, Leave Base Fare Unchanged (News)
  • Fulton Street Station Now Accessible From Broadway and Dey Street (DNA)
  • MTA to Eliminate Cash Tolls on Henry Hudson Bridge (WSJ)
  • If Only There Were Some Way to Rein In Gowanus Expressway Traffic and Maintenance Costs (DNA)
  • MLS Stadium Project Looking More and More Like Déjà Vu All Over Again (DNA)
  • Staten Island Ferris Wheel Would Be the Only One on Earth to Have EDC-Mandated Parking (Advance)
  • Civil Claims Against NYPD Are Skyrocketing (NY World)
  • Elderly SUV Driver Travels 100 Feet Off the Street, Slams Into Home in Canarsie (DNA)
  • Post to Light-Beating Motorists Looking to Avoid $50 Ticket: “Floor It”
  • Traffic Fatality Coverage You Don’t See in NYC …  (Chicago Trib)
  • … And a Possible Preview of Headlines to Come (Toronto Star)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “But it would leave the base subway and bus fare unchanged at $2.25, sources said.  ‘Enough is enough!’ Gene Russianoff, of the Straphangers Campaign, said in reaction to details provided by The News.”

    What fare increase?  Funny but a decade ago, when the MTA was being accused of two sets of books, I didn’t hear much about the fare having plunged because of the Metrocard discounts.  Just the base fare going up. That was all that counted.  As long as Gene is on the scene, this is defininately what the MTA should do.

    The next step should be to keep the fare at $2.25, but impose a “sins of the past surcharge” in place of the discount to account for the cost of debts and unfunded pensions.  You put in $40.00 and you get a $35.00 Metrocard, plus a $5.00 “sins of the past surcharge.”  But the fare would remain $2.25.

    I’d put one of those surcharges on local property tax and state income tax bills too.

  • Anonymous

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus  Having posted at least 100 comments in this space whose sole purpose seems to be to put down Gene Russianoff and Straphangers, and whose sole incremental value seems at this point to be to demonstrate the Law of Diminishing Returns, could you please consider giving it a rest? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that it could be a perfectly attainable goal to raise awareness about the long-touted Dutch way to open a car door–crossing over to the other side and turning your body so you see if a cyclist is coming. It’s a small thing, but it’s something a campaign could accomplish. It should include details of the reality of the damage getting doored can do including serious injury and death so that it can’t become a joke.

    While there are lots of sweeping changes one would like to prioritize with respect to traffic calming, space and resources devoted to saner and healthier forms of transport, this kind of thing would be pretty easy for pols to sign onto, and it could be a step to acknowledge that changes in the city infrastructure and road usage can befuddle life-long drivers and invite them into the change. A campaign of this sort could be a way of inviting people into that change and lowering the volume on auto-cyclist conflict discourse. Further, drivers are probably frightened of dooring cyclists, though perhaps not nearly as much as cyclists are concerned about being doored. We should do more work to show people how to share the road safely.

  • In the story about civil claims, Vallone is quoted with some truly idiotic statements. Yes, out-of-context, the city should be protective of its funds against hostile litigation, particularly when claims are obviously frivolous. On the other hand, he speaks as if a successful jury trial is often cheaper than a settlement, which, if he really thinks that, then I don’t know how he made it out of law school. He also says this gem: “If the Corporation Counsel only settled cases where the police department were wrong, the police could learn a bunch of stuff from that.” Here’s where you have to think that he truly has his head up his ass, since it’s now hard to avoid media reports of obvious police wrongdoing across the city (along with the requisite statements from Paul Browne about how the police have never done anything wrong, nothing bad happened, the criminals got what they deserved, etc). Maybe he should have a conversation with fellow councilman Jumaane Williams sometime, perhaps? Or maybe he should just be voted out of office for being the disingenuous blowhard jerk that he almost certainly is.

  • Anon

    If it is vitally important to build another sports stadium on parkland, maybe they should aquire some of those vacant Yankees garages and put the soccer stadium there.  The transit access is a heck of a lot better than in the middle of Flushing Meadows . . .

  • vnm

    That’s a really good point anon.  There’s tons of parking up there that’s not used on game days and would make a perfect spot for a stadium.  And they’re struggling to find a use for the space.  I wonder if there’s any spot with enough contiguous land for a soccer stadium. 

  • vnm

    That’s a really good point anon.  There’s tons of parking up there that’s not used on game days and would make a perfect spot for a stadium.  And they’re struggling to find a use for the space.  I wonder if there’s any spot with enough contiguous land for a soccer stadium. 

  • Anonymous

    As a huge soccer fan, I am very disappointed that they’re locating the Cosmos’ field way out there.   I live in the financial district so I might as well just to NY Redbull games as the PATH is about a hundred feet from my front door.   Taking the 7 train forever and then having to walk 3/4’s of a mile?  No thank you.   

    For as much as I’m not a fan of the Barclays Center (sandwiched in between two highways, might as well call it the Exhaust Collector), I can still bike and/or take the train there and be there in no time.  I’ll def catch some Nets games.

    But as NY Soccer fan . . . it’s going to be hard to “get up” for a game that’s way the F out there.  This stadium is supposed to be for NY’ers.  Not just Long Island folk who are accustomed to driving. 

  • Anonymous

    More killer cars on the loose.  From the NYT article on the deadly Southern State crash:

    “As the car, a 2012 Subaru hatchback, carried the five back to New York,
    it careered off a Long Island highway and slammed into a stand of trees,
    killing four 18-year-old passengers, the State Police said. The car
    struck with such force that it split in two, ejecting all of its

    The (unlicensed) driver apparently had nothing to do with it.

  • Williams

    @Brian. I try to be genuine actually and don’t think I’m a complete blowhard (well, maybe a little.) Anyway thanks for saying I “almost” certainly am. At least you left room for debate. 🙂  –Jumaane

  • Mike

    The “blowhard jerk” was a reference to Vallone, not Williams (hi), as I read it.

  • Bob

     What if the State said BQE tolling would begin after a BQE tunnel was completed? Bonding would still work (guaranteed receipts after completion) and drivers would not pay until the upgrades are, by definition, complete. Everyone would win.