Today’s Headlines

  • Two UES Drivers Crash, Killing Rubin Baum, 80 Year-Old Pedestrian (DNA, NY1, Post)
  • Baum’s Injured Wife: “I Want to Know Who Did This”; NYPD: “No Criminality Suspected” (News)
  • Driver Ditches Car After Hitting Man Crossing Northern Boulevard; Victim in Critical Condition (News)
  • 35 Year-Old Motorcyclist Dies Near Queens-Nassau Border After Driver Turns in Front of Him (Post)
  • NYPD Traffic Enforcement Driver in Chinatown Hits 72 Year-Old; Victim Hospitalized (Gothamist)
  • 11 Injured When Car, MTA Bus Crash in East New York, Near Site Where James Neverson Died (News)
  • School Bus Rolls Backward Across Sidewalk, Smashing Bronx Bank Branch; No Injuries (News)
  • More Coverage of Spike in NYC Traffic Deaths From the Observer; Tri-State Calls for Speed Cams
  • State Sen. Greg Ball Looks to Private Partnership for TZB Transit, If Not Bridge Itself (LoHudPatch)
  • Staten Island Politicians Rally Against Possible $2 Verrazano Narrows Bridge Toll Hike (NY1)
  • Bleecker St./Broadway-Lafayette Transfer to Uptown 6 Train Opens Tomorrow (News)
  • Silver, Squadron, Chin Call on DOT to Rethink Permit for New LES Curbside Bus Stop (Lo-Down)
  • News Readers Thank Alex Nazaryan for His Bravery; Another Stands Up for Bike-Share (News)
  • Post Readers Give Suggestions About Bicyclists, Including Names to Call Them (Post)
  • Best Way to Navigate Midtown During UN Road Closures This Week? A Bike, Says Gridlock Sam (News)
  • On-Street Bike Rack Proposed for Wyckoff Avenue and Starr Street in Bushwick (DNA)
  • 8 Council Members to Let Constituents Determine How Some Discretionary Funds Will Be Used (World)

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  • Albert

    Regarding “Best Way to Navigate Midtown During UN Road Closures This Week? A Bike, Says Gridlock Sam”:

    Last year when I happened to be riding up 1st Ave during a large UN meeting, large blinking electric signs singled out bicycles as the one form of transportation actually barred from getting close to the UN.  Not cars.

    And the police were quite adamant about it.  As I was squeezing around the thousands of basically immobile cars “nearing” 42nd Street, a policeman saw me and (nicely but sternly) informed me that I and my little bicycle—not any of the thousands of 4-wheeled metal boxes that were logically the only actual potential terrorist threats—would have to make a left at, I think, 38th Street and ride over to 3rd Ave if I wanted to continue north.  We parted amicably, and both a bit bemused, with the usual “I don’t make the rules…” as I followed his explicit instructions to ride the wrong way up a one-way street.

    True story.  But then, there are a million of them in The Naked Auto City.

  • carma

    what a way to start the week.  7 headlines involving a motor vehicle crash.  NOT cool

  • Driver

    Albert, all car traffic (trucks prohibited) up first avenue is required to use the 1st ave tunnel to get past the UN.   All vehicles and persons entering the upper roadway of this area require security screening and a good reason to be there.  I don’t know if bicycles are excluded from the first avenue tunnel, but I wouldn’t exactly call it bicycle friendly.  Whether it is right or wrong, the reason you were excluded might be to keep bicyclists out of the tunnel. 
    Another possibility is that someone on a bicycle can easily circumvent the sand filled trucks and barriers that physically prevent vehicles from entering the prohibited area.  

  • Driver

    “School Bus Rolls Backward Across Sidewalk”
    I think the DN seriously misused the word roll in this story.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Rumor was the Carlton Avenue bridge in Brooklyn was to re-open around now.  So can I plan on riding my bicycle across it?

  • Larry Littlefield

    I answered my own question.  I rode by and the bridge was open.