Today’s Headlines

  • Study: NYC Firms Want to Set Up Shop Where the Livable Streets Are (Crain’s)
  • Brooklyn DA Charges Maniac Killer Driver With Homicide (Gothamist)
  • Time Mag Opts for Imaginative “War” Metaphor to Characterize NYC’s Bike Progress
  • DOT Ped Plazas in the Works for Glendale and Ridgewood (QChron)
  • MTA Changes Q41 Route to Save Riders Time. Won’t Someone Think of the Parking? (QChron)
  • When Will the Bleecker Street Transfer Finally Open? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • More Police Cams Are Going Up in Public Spaces, But They Won’t Catch Speeding Drivers (Advance)
  • If a Satmar Sect Ever Restores the Bedford Ave Bike Lane, Seems Like It Will Be the Aroynem (NYT)
  • High Oil Prices Lead to Short-Line Freight Rail Revival Upstate (AP)
  • It’s Not Your Imagination: Luxury Car Owners Drive Like Schmucks (NY Mag)

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  • Bolwerk

    Re cameras: haha. So, when they’re mentioned as a way to enforce traffic rules, the kneejerk reaction of suburban neocons and car-coddling latte liberals is to cry and gnash teeth about privacy and surveillance. So what’s the NYPD’s answer? Just put up cameras for the explicit purpose of invading privacy and doing surveillance.

  • fj
  • Station44025

    The NY Mag article is interesting. I used to busk on the streets when I was in college, and I noticed a distinct pattern that poorer people would give money, sometimes relatively large amounts, and rich people would just watch, take pictures, make requests, then walk away. After a while I started to feel guilty about the whole enterprise.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you New York Magazine for a 6 page article.  I don’t care how interesting your story may be but paginating one story 6 times on the web is a no no and a no read for me.  It also means avoiding NY MAG in general.

  • Anonymous

    The Gothamist article on that homicide in PLG doesn’t note something that I think is very significant: the pedestrian was killed a block away from where Emma Blumstein was, both of them right off Bedford Ave.

    Though at that point Beford is a narrow, heavily residential street, DOT for some reason encourages people to use as a thoroughfare by timing the lights in favor of speeding most of the week. So the result is that people speed. And people get killed.

  • Anonymous

    @EricBoucher:disqus : you can read the “printable version”, which is a single page and has no ads, navigation elements or other distractions.

    At least NY Magazine gives us that option. There are some websites that use excessive pagination and don’t offer a single page version. The worse are the ones that publish junk of the type “Top 20 ____”, split into 20 pages. Pure bait for showing ads.