Quinn: Bike-Share Will Give NYers “Healthy, Green Way to Navigate the City”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn admires the new "Citi Bike" with Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. Photo: ##http://paulsteelywhite.tumblr.com/post/22591015212/speaker-quinn-loves-bike-share-i-find-it##Paul Steely White##

Looks like Streetsblog readers and corporate CEOs aren’t the only ones excited about bike-share. After today’s big announcement, which included not only the branding of bike-share but also new details about the pricing and rollout of the program, the glowing reactions started to pour into our inbox. Here’s what we’re hearing:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn didn’t participate in this morning’s presser, but she did stop by, pose with a new royal blue “Citi Bike” and declare her support for the program. “Citi Bike will give New Yorkers and the 50 million tourists who visit New York each year a healthy, green way to navigate the city,” Quinn said in an email. “I thank Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Sadik-Khan for bringing a bike share program to New York City and for working closely with members of the council and local community boards to identify suitable sites for placement.”

“I’m thrilled to have this in New York,” she told the Wall Street Journal, noting that she’d seen the success of bike-share in other cities. “I love the blue,” added the speaker. “It’s a good color for me.”

Advocacy groups, too, cheered the announcement, including the Municipal Art Society, one of the city’s most venerable urban planning organizations. “MAS sees tremendous potential in New York City’s bike share program,” said president Vin Cipolla. “In addition to increasing mobility, bike share will help introduce people to active transportation, alleviate pressure on transit, provide a quicker connection between transit stops and final destinations, and reduce the number of short auto trips.”

“Today’s sponsor announcement marks a major step toward fulfilling the immense latent demand in New York City for bicycling,” said Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White. “Soon, New Yorkers will have a new transportation choice to add to our diverse menu of options for getting around town. It’s no surprise that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support public bike share. As soon as it hits the streets this summer, NYC Bike Share will empower us all with new freedom and convenience in our daily transportation routines.”

Since the September 2011 selection of Alta Bikeshare to run the sytem, bike-share has earned endorsements from such unlikely bedfellows as Partnership for New York City CEO Kathy Wylde and Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor, as well as numerous City Council members.

  • Quinn is sort of right. But its mostly that it will give wealthy New Yorkers a healthy green way to navigate the city. 

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  • James

    Dear NY,

    Congrats on the new system — buy one of your own rubberband bells now. The bells on these bikes are absolutely horrible — they’re not loud, don’t work well in the rain, and break really, really easily. I don’t understand why the people making the London/DC/NYC bikes don’t just use a ding/ding bell like they have in Paris. These bells are horrible.


  • I made the mistake of reading the comments section of the NY Post about the bike share.  It’s no cost to the taxpayers and yet people still think it’s an apocalypse. “They will be stolen and vandalized,” “tourists will crash into everyone,” “the stations are going to fill up and you won’t be able to park the bike.” I don’t understand why so many non-cyclists are invested in wanting this to be a terrible thing. They don’t even bike anyway so what do they care if the bikes get vandalized? It’s hilarious.

  • Aidry

     Considering how Alta has taken forever to deliver the promised number of stations and can’t seem to timely expand the systems in Both D.C. and Boston, I’m not holding my breath here.

  • fj

    Healthy is nice; low cost, practical, convenient & net zero are even better.


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