Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Won’t Rule Out Transit-Free Tappan Zee Loan; Schumer, Gillibrand: Fingers Crossed (LoHud)
  • Ward: To Keep New York Working, Top Priority of Next Mayor “Has to Be the MTA” (Capital)
  • Gridlock Sam and Brian Lehrer Wonder If Cuomo Understands Toll Proposal (Transpo Nation)
  • Ratner Again Delays Review of Atlantic Yards Transportation Plan (AYR)
  • Family and Friends Mourn Mike Rogalle, Killed By Driver Held Blameless By NYPD (DNA)
  • Group Behind 14th Street Ped Plaza Seeking Proposals for Open-Air Food Market (DNA)
  • MTA Counting on Vendor to Maintain Massive East Side Access Escalator System (WSJ)
  • Markowitz Chief of Staff Scissura Chooses Chamber of Commerce Over Race for Beep (Bklyn Paper)
  • Staten Island DA Dan Donovan Launches New Probe Into Working Families Party (Crain’s)
  • Adios, Amigo: Kickback King Carl Kruger Sentenced to Seven Years (NYT)
  • Laugh Track the Only Thing Missing From This Beverly Hills NUMBY Reel (Streetsblog LA)
  • New York City Bike Thieves Have Zero Fear (Post)

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  • I’m surprised cops bikes aren’t stolen more often. They never lock up their bikes. Too bad they don’t give a fraction of this attention when a non member of the service has their ride stolen.

  • Jjmelon

    I agree imagine a level one mobilization for every bike stolen! Also not locking the bike in NYC? The coops lecture folks about that!

  • Anonymous

    RE: TZ Bridge.  Don’t Schumer and Gillibrand understand what a garbage plan this is?  Too big and no transit.  Why are they blindly following Cuomo?  They’re US Senator with more time in their offices than Cuomo is in his; they should be leading him!

    The environmental community will not be in Cuomo’s camp in the 2016 presidential race because of this.  He is going to have problems in the primary.  

  • moocow

    Methane? Anyone else notice that Streetsblog LA has the better disqus setup?

  • @twowheel:disqus What do you like better about the LA comments set up? We used to have the reply function on NYC but then decided that too many threads were going way off topic.

  • @twowheel:disqus What do you like better about the LA comments set up? We used to have the reply function on NYC but then decided that too many threads were going way off topic.

  • moocow

    I didn’t realize there was a reason behind the no “reply” decision, and that sounds like a good enough reason. 
    Is the inability to edit comments a decision as well? That seems to be the main complaint about Disqus.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Asked what should be at the top of the next mayor’s agenda, he said, “I think it has to be the M.T.A.”

    Constitutionally, the top priority is pensions, followed by debt service.  Politically, the office of elected officials are next in line.  The police and fire, because even the rich want the government to protect them from Occupy Wall Street.

    Then there are certain groups that have court-backed legal mandates.  And the unions make sure the workers in “jobs” where little work is done are the last to be cut.  The state requires a certain amount of Medicaid spending, particularly for seniors.

    The MTA could be next, except that every extra dollar the city puts it will be offset by some ofher part of the state getting the benefit while putting less in itself.

  • carma

    im also afraid of getting my bike stolen.  i make sure to only lock my bike in bike corrals where there are numerous bikes.  i never want to be the standalone bike.