Today’s Headlines

  • Ray Kelly Orders NYPD to Track Bike-Ped Crashes (News)
  • Cuomo Admits There’s Still No Plan to Pay for Tappan Zee Bridge (LoHud)
  • In Wake of Tix Fix Scandal, Cops Start to Show Up to Traffic Court, Get Convictions (Post)
  • Staten Island Woman Dies Saving Grandson From Hit-And-Run Driver (Post)
  • NYT Debate Features Lots of Support For Densification of L.A.
  • Kips Bay Service Road to Become Pedestrian Plaza for the Summer (DNAinfo)
  • Here’s a Traffic Safety Plan Everyone Can Get Behind (News)
  • Lincoln Center Opens New Pedestrian Bridge (WSJ)
  • Photo Blog Turns Its Camera to Commuter Rail (NYT)

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  • Bike cop

    The irony of this sentence in the Daily News can not be overstated.

    “Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly now views bike accidents like any other traffic accident or crime.”

    If Kelly views bike accidents like any other traffic accident, you can now mow down someone and kill them with no criminality suspected. As a bonus, the NYPD will tell the press, “That’s why they call it an accident.”

  • KillMoto

    @5ce059cc1cf7d4cef67f9ed4344376ed:disqus Exactly – and statistics will be obfuscated, and only available after repeated FOIL requests

  • moocow

    The bikelash is over then!

    I watched “Death Race 2000” yesterday, I’m gonna put teeth on the front of my bike. It’s open season now, right? With the words “No criminality suspected.” after every illegal thing I do, there’s nothing to worry about. Thanks Ray Kelly!

  • KeNYC2030

    Word has it that the NYPD is now staffing a 500-officer “Bike Accident Investigation Squad” that will be equipped with the latest forensic technology and work closely with local DAs to ensure that all “accidents” involving cyclists and pedestrians are properly investigated and prosecuted.  An NYPD spokesman said that contrary to earlier reports, the formation of this highly trained unit will in no way affect the number of officers currently policing Critical Mass rides.

  • Glenn

    That story from Staten Island is just heart breaking. People do Speed on Cary Avenue all the time – it’s a local neighborhood street that runs parallel to Castleton and Forest Avenues and doesn’t have any stop signs or traffic lights. DOT, if you are listening, it’s probably a good idea to put up some yield or stop signs and crosswalks for pedestrians to cross Cary Avenue.

    As for the driver, his license should be suspended pending a full investigation and definitely jail time for leaving the scene at a minimum! And the family should sue for wrongful death.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Note the picture chosen to illustrate this article.

    “One of the more surprising growth industries to have taken off during the current period of economic downturn and austerity has been the happiness industry’—the increasing activity of economists (not philosophers) who study what constitutes happiness and make recommendations to governments about how best to increase it.”

    I’m not surprised.  Now that fewer and fewer people have money, perhaps they can be chilled out by being offered happiness instead.  Of course it would have to be cheap happiness.

  • fj

    Spark: RMI Supports Electric Vehicles. Do You?

    Not unless they are light and small enough to be easily powered by human power.

  • Miles Bader

    Heh… Electric Cars, certainly, are more “green-washing” than an actual solution to the real problems caused by excess car usage.

  • Lois Carsbad

    Thank goodness Laurie Penny didn’t attempt to navigate a two-way bike path! Not even Ryan Gosling would have been able to save her.