Today’s Headlines

  • Gelinas: Cuomo’s Budget Deal Will Bring on Cuomo’s Fare Hikes (Post)
  • DOT Ped Safety Plan for Rego Park Mall Moving Forward (QChron)
  • Whadya Know: Commerce on Columbus Avenue Doing Just Fine (Commercial Observer)
  • Drunk Off-Duty Cop Racks Up Insane Amount of Simultaneous Traffic Violations (News)
  • Off-Duty Mount Vernon Cop Drives Head-On Into Big Rig on I-95 (Post)
  • The Times Hunts for Prized “Bike” Angle in DOT’s Midtown Walkway Plan
  • MTA on the Verge of Opening Up Real-Time Subway Data to Developers (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Read All About the Bike Bridges in Gridlock Sam’s Toll and Infrastructure Plan (Thirteen)
  • S.I. Pols, Dissatisfied With Off-Peak Truck Toll Discount, Really Want More Truck Traffic (SI Live)
  • What a Ghost Bike Means to One Victim’s Nephew (NYT)

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  • Bolwerk

    A few days old, so maybe you got it already, but here is something interesting: “One mile on a bike is a $.42 economic gain to society, one mile driving is a $.20 loss

  • Ian Turner

    “He was later charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless endangerment and reckless driving”. I guess there is a Rule of Five?

  • PBJReports

    In defense of the Staten Island politicians, the trucking industry is the lifeblood of the northern part of the Island.  Staten Island can’t afford to keep losing jobs to New Jersey.  That is exactly what tolls like these do, they force shippers, truckers and others off the island.  

  • Larry Littlefield

    Q: How much will the construction of these bridges cost?
    A: $250 million each, about the cost of the High Line, except it goes somewhere.

    There is the fantasy scenario.  It costs the MTA $250 million to rehab a subway station.

    Is he insane?  Judging by the rendering yes, but perhaps not on the $250 million figure.  You know what makes bridges expensive?  Making them high enough for ships to pass under.  That bike bridge to Governor’s Island, in contrast, appears to be some pontoons low across the water.  I’m not sure the Circle Line or the Staten Island Ferry could fit under it. 

    I think his model is the Millenium Bridge in London.  That only cost something like $40 million.

    But think about the Smith-9th Street station on the F line over the Gowanus Canal, or the Kosciousko Bridge over the Newtown Creek.  That’s how high the federal government required those bridges to be to “maintain navigation.”  Would the Navy want to keep enough clearance for warships to head from the harbor to the Long Island Sound or up the Hudson?  I think so.

  • Eric McClure

    Would the person (you know who you are) who once “almost hit” Times CEO Arthur Sulzberger Jr. with his (or her) bicycle please just send him an apology note so The Times can dispense with its silly cyclophobia already.

    Thank you.

  • KillMoto

    From the NYT article: “…On a recent weekday afternoon, most vehicles were forced to wait through at least one light…”  

    Oh the horror!  You’d think those poor, innocent drivers were being tortured.  No, most drivers are wrapped in a climate controlled, sound insulated cocoon with a hot cup of coffee in the cup holder and high-fi surround-sound entertainment. 

  • fj

    Yes, nice hearing about big ideas for funding rapid deployment of net zero transit (Gridlock Sam’s plan).  Here’s another from Jesse Morris, analyst for transportation and electricity at the Rocky Mountain Institute, originally published at RMI’s blog.

    While it directly applies to paying for rapid solar deployment similar methodology might also pay for net zero transit.