Caption Contest: Chuck Schumer Rides the Prospect Park West Bike Lane

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Looks like protected bike infrastructure is growing on Chuck Schumer. High-powered backchannel NIMBY assault notwithstanding, New York’s senior senator apparently does enjoy riding the bike lane in his front yard, as you can see in this Sunday morning photo courtesy of fellow PPW resident Paul Steely White.

So, when will the rest of Streetsblog’s 2011 April Fools Day post come true?

Caption submissions welcome in the comments. Winner will be selected and posted tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for supporting the bike lane, Sen. Shumer

  • Lois Carsbad

    “Don’t let Jim Walden see this picture or he might have to sue ME.”

  • carma

    “Iris and Chuck got into an argument.  Chuck rides his bike”

  • Eric McClure

    Et tu, Chuck?

    Beware the rides of March.

  • Eric McClure

    Seriously, glad to see the Senator taking full advantage of having New York City’s best bike path right outside his front door.

  • Anonymous

    This is so nice to see.  Glad he has finally come around.  These protected bike lanes or cycle tracks are FANTASTIC!  There are so many places around the city that could use them to make bike riding safer for people of all ages.  

    Just so sad that we’ve lost a year in which we could have been adding them to the street network.  But if Chuck in on-board, let’s welcome him with open arms.  We need him in DC fighting for bike infrastructure.

  • Eric Cantor

    “The Tea Party wants to defund this stuff? That’s insane.” 

  • Steely

    thank you, Senator Schumer!  and thank you for standing up for the transit commuter tax credit.  proud to have you as a neighbor.

  • Harold K.

    Thank you for supporting separated bike facilities Sen. Schumer.  You look good out there.  We will welcome you back with open arms, come on!!!

  • Regret

    “I never should have called Randy.”

  • Mike

    Thought bubble above Schumer’s head: “I’ll be sleeping on the sofa tonight, but it’s worth it.”

    (inspired by @naparstek)

  • “I’ve got mine, to hell with yours”

  • Clarence Eckersnookie

    If Streetsblog creates a new Streetsie award for photo of the year, this should win every year for the next five years.

  • “I would pick up that trash but I am moving so fast and free!”

  • Inspired by the writing and logic of Norman Steisel:

    Based on the standard multiplier effect of 50:1 for constituent support, half of the U.S. senate rode the Prospect Park West Bike lane today.


  • Legal Eagle

    “Good Lord I can’t wait until Louise and Norman’s appeal gets rejected.”

  • Joe R.

    “Hey, just promise you won’t tell anyone!”

  • Dahlia Ramsay

    How about:

    “Sen. Chuck Schumer Is Just Making Sure You’re Paying Attention”

    – Dahlia

  • Anonymous

    Even if he doesn’t ride in the bike lane he gets benefits every time he crosses the street. Shorter crossing distance and everyone is going lower speeds.

  • Anonymous

    “Senator Chuck Schumer getting away from the old padlock and chain.”

  • Sean

    “We hate this bike lane! Except when we use it.”

  • “If you can’t beat ’em- join ’em!”


  • Maryfduffy

    Vicious cycle.

  • Chuck, aren’t you glad you’re not on 8th ave?

  • “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

  • SGreenberg

    One way to liven up a slow news day.

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow’s headline: Senator slept on couch last night.

  • Kenf

    Is a divorce next?

  • Paul White with the photo credit. Amazing!

  • Severin

    “There’s a perfectly good path in the park, now there is a perfectly good path on Prospect Park West right outside my door!”

    I’m sure he was just scouting for NBBL, blending in to find the hell-raising behavior the bike lane encourages. You best believe the next argument NBBL puts forward is “bike lane results in a littered street, bad for neighborhood”

  • Leonarddiamond

    I hope Iris isn’t looking out the window now.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh, THIS is the cycle path my wife was complaining about? I was thinking of something totally different. What a nut job!”

  • Anonymous

    The cow is leaving me so she gets the car keys, while I get back my dignity.

  • Norman Hainshall

    I’m not commenting about the [expletive] bike lane.

  • fj

    Very easy to underestimate the extreme value of net zero mobility.

  • Gurgle-Gurgle-Gurgle

    Will the real Chuck Schumer, please stand up

  • “Chuck rushing back to his double parked Town Car”

  • Glenn

    There are a lot of great things about this photo, but I think the most significant is that he is taking full advantage of the contraflow lane, which NBBL thought was SO dangerous.

    The Senator should be commended for arranging this photo op with the executive director of TA 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “Man, that no-comment thing, it was–it was totally misunderstood, you dig? It was, like, I look out my window and see, you know, Mount Olympus. You know, like the most perfect, the most beautiful thing you could ever see. This thing’s that got all these people out in the city, active and alive and enjoying themselves and the best that our neighborhood has to offer and–I just couldn’t say anything about that, man. It goes straight to my heart, man. So I did what the Zen masters would’ve done: showed my reverence by my silence.”

    Sorry. Not a caption. And I’m probably the only person who enjoys imagining Chuck Schumer as a latter-day Beat ecstatic.

  • David_K

    I’m really glad to see this.  Next up, Marty Markowitz on his tricycle?

  • eric b

    Hopefully they don’t notice my headphones and lack of bell…

    It’s the law, don’t ya’ know?

  • Question: Why is this man smiling?
    Answer: Being wrong never felt so right.

  • BonTon

    He almost ran me and my kids over yesterday riding the WRONG WAY on E.4th St. btwn Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and Greenwood Ave.  Shouted “sorry” and kept going. What was it that Al D’Amato called him?

  • KeNYC2030

    U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer dons special protective suit issued by FDNY to protect himself against brickbats thrown by his now-estranged wife, former DOT commissioner Iris Weinshall, as he courageously tests NYC’s allegedly most dangerous piece of urban infrastructure.  

  • When Iris is away the boys will play. 

  • Anonymous

    See how good democracy feels?

  • Ibrand

    If we stay in this six day bike race, I and my partner are sure to win.  Oops!  Where is my partner?

  • Ibrand

    Today Prospect Park, this summer the Tour de France.

  • fj

    (Climate Change changes everything & that includes transportation)
    Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and its potentially harmful effects on our natural resources.
    Although I believe we do need to increase our supply of oil in the short term, I do not want to see it happen at the expense of human health or the environment. In 2007 I cosponsored a bill to permanently ban drilling in the most delicate parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). I also voted against the McConnell American Energy Production Act of 2008, which could have had a devastating impact on the environment.
    As you know, in December 2011, Congress gave President Obama sixty days to make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. As a result, on January 18, 2012, the President announced that the administration would not grant approval for the pipeline.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future again if I can be of further assistance on this, or any other issue.
    Sincerely,Charles E. Schumer United States Senator

  • Oulanger

    Good citizen, please step aside and walk on the sidewalk…I am on the way to the hospital, as I am testing this most dangerous of bikeway.


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