Today’s Headlines

  • Thruway Director Says State Can’t Afford TZB Transit, Yet Doesn’t Know Cost of Bridge (LoHud)
  • Dilan to State: Add Transit to Tappan Zee Bridge, NY Works Fund (MTR)
  • Politicians Want to Reopen Shuttered Elmhurst LIRR Station, and MTA Is Listening (News)
  • Packed Midtown Workshop Generally Positive About Bike-Share (DNAinfo)
  • Ratner Exec Declares “Her Mission” Is to Reduce Barclays Center Parking (Post)
  • NY Republicans Lack Muscle to Restore Transit Tax Benefit in House (WSJ)
  • In Rego Park, DOT Will Add Parking to Reduce Crashes (DNAinfo)
  • Eight Seconds Added to Delancey Street Crossing Where Dashane Santana Killed (DNAinfo)
  • Nassau Street Reconstruction Will Include Traffic Calming Neckdowns (Brownstoner)
  • Senate Republicans Only Cut MTA Funding Because They Care (Capital)
  • Working Families Party Petitions For G Train Extension (Capital)
  • San Francisco’s Experiment With Demand-Based Parking Is Working (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Americans believe it is the federal government’s job to keep gas prices low to enable the lifestyle they have chosen.

    Gas prices are the third most important national issue.

    “Health care ranked fourth on a list of issues that respondents named as the most important facing the country, behind unemployment, the federal deficit and gas prices.”

    I bring this up because some people’s impression is that our collective institutions, such as the federal government, exist to place some limits on individual selfishness and some decency and security to the less well off, based on a relatively brief period of human history from say 1900 to 1970.  As opposed to a means for selfish people with power to exploit others.

    Basically, institutions as an instrument of fairness and progress seems to have been based on the character of those who built and controlled them.  Other sorts of people control them now.  Backed by the best off members of the best off generations in human history, in the one percent and in some cases the public employee unions.  So now what?  You tell me.  At this point, it’s a one-sided fight.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Unreported news:  there was a deal the night before last to screw future public employees, as well as service recipients and taxpayers, to pay for past retroactive pension deals for those cashing in and moving out.

    Based on MSM reporting I have no idea how it will affect two groups of worker with different deals than those described in the article:  NYC teachers and NYC Transit workers.  Does anybody know?

  • carma

    i cant think of a more bigger waste of money than to reopen the LIRR elmhurst station.  1st off, the M/R trains are literally right next to it.  2.  opening the station will slow down the line.  3.  the costs to install new escalators, rehab the nonexistent platform are extravagent.  4.  there really will be low ridership.  5.  the population in that area of elmhurst doesnt have $5 -7 for the cost of a ticket for the LIRR when the subways are only $2.25.  its a relatively low-middle income community in that neck of the woods.

    and im extremely pro-transit too.  Crowley is completely wrong as always and im wondering what kind of kickback he is getting.

  • NM

    Fyi, that particular ‘Ratner Exec’ is a straight shooter and pretty much incapable of (or uninterested in?) doublespeak.  I don’t know what odds she’s facing, but I am convinced there is an FCR leader really working on this.

  • Larry Littlefield

    You know what they have to do to reduce the need for parking?  What I suggested some years ago…pay the MTA to have every ticket come with a two-ride metrocard or discounted LIRR ticket whether the customer wants it or not.  If not, they can sell the rides after the game/event.

    Then those within a subway ride of the arena would be more likely to use the subway.  And those beyond a subway ride from the arena would be more likely to park at a remote location and take the subway to/from the arena.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the Brooklyn CB6 bike share planning session. Generally a good vibe except for the couple at our table complaining about how the PPW bile lane took away parking and who put red arrows (showing dislike) for every proposed on street bike sharing station within 5 blocks of their home.

  • fj