Today’s Headlines

  • What Happens When Road Building Depends on Motorists Paying Their Way: Nada (City & State)
  • Brooklynites Push for Permanent G Train Extension (Bklyn Paper, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • MTA Touch Screens Would Replace Station Agents, Offer Restaurant Reviews (News)
  • Community Board 7 Votes Tonight on Smaller Storefronts for Upper West Side (Crain’s)
  • Cuomo Announces Action Against Driving School Caught Helping Applicants Cheat (Post, News)
  • Driver Killed, 4 Others Injured in Rear-End Collision on Rockaway Boulevard (Post)
  • Cyclist Ticketed for Exiting Bike Lane to Make Turn Sues DMV (Post)
  • Maimed by Motorist? You’re on Your Own. Stolen iPhone? NYPD Is at Your Service (DNA)
  • Bike-Share Programs Get a Foothold in New Jersey (MTR)
  • David Weprin and Eric Adams Feed Paranoia at the Pump (NY1)

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  • Brick

    Amazingly, the post manages to give an objective report on a bicycle related occurrence. Have no fear however, the “top” commenters are there to inject a healthy dose of absurdity.

  • Larry Littlefield

    We were detoured  by that Rockaway Boulevard crash on Sunday.  I was taking my daughter who will not be 18 for another two weeks over the city line to practice learning to drive.

    We went down to the Five Towns, an area where I had never been before, thinking we could drive around some quiet residential neighborhoods.  But we ran into all kinds of aggressive and illegal driving, often by young men in BMWs.  I swear there were lots of them, running stop signs and honking and yelling at slower drivers (like us).
    Then the cops had a major road blocked off, causing a traffic jam on parallel roads and even more road rage and unbelievable moves.  When we got around the detour and looked back we saw this.  On the same morning.

    We’ll go elsewhere next weekend, and be glad (believe it or not) when we can practice driving around Brooklyn.

  • JV

    Vacca: “There is a feeling that taxes are already high enough, and I certainly
    hear that in my district every day. I hear that people cannot afford
    further taxes and further tolls.”

    Tolls should not be conflated with taxes.  Tolls are tolls and taxes are taxes.  Tolls are a supplemental fee borne by the people who actually use bridges and roads and can, in some cases, push people to make different decisions.  Taxes are something everyone pays with little to no say in how that money is distributed.

    Right now Vacca’s constituents, many of whom do not drive, have a significant portion of their taxes spent on maintaining roads and bridges.  If politicians really cared about keeping the public’s taxes low, they’d actually be in favor of more tolls, not fewer.

  • Anonymous

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus Wow, Larry, the crash photos in that link you posted are incredible. What’s bizarre is that the street where the car went vertical into the tree, Copperbeach Lane (misidentified in the caption as Cooperbeach), is barely 200 meters long. How the driver could have reached a high enough speed to go vertical is beyond me.

    Once a year or so I ride out to Long Beach (my home town) via a terrific “industrial” route with desolate stretches that are perfect on early weekend mornings. The one dicey part is Brookville Rd between Rockaway Blvd and Guy Brewer Blvd — site of the headlined crash that detoured you on Sunday. My route also comes very close to Copperbeach where the other crash took place. Thank goodness for me I didn’t pick last Sunday to ride!

    I can barely imagine how your daughter is feeling about learning how to drive.

  • Anonymous

    Driver Killed, 4 Others Injured in Rear-End Collision on Rockaway Boulevard

    Following distance.

    Just on a mission to point out what a problem it is.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I can barely imagine how your daughter is feeling about learning how to drive.”

    Both my daughters really wanted to learn to drive, until they actually started doing it. 
    It isn’t like the suburbs, where driving meant they could finally go to the mall without a lift from Mom.  They could already go where they wanted to.
    We saw a young guy in a BMW run a stop sign in one on one of the quiet neighborhood streets off Broadway at 30 mph plus.  We saw a woman yapping on a cell phone make a left right in front of us when we had the right of way.  We were honked at and yelled at and saw other people honked at and yelled at.
    It was all very useful.  Spent a couple of hours saying “don’t ever to that, and don’t ever do that, and don’t ever do that.”

  • fj

    Mainstream media fraud and an example why it is so difficult to get good low-cost net-zero transportation.

    Media Stunner:  Atlantic Editor Megan McArdle Admits She’s Outsourced Her Thinking to Cato’s Pat Michaels


  • Miles Bader

    @twitter-93223785:disqus McArdle’s always good for a laugh!

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