NYC’s Most Irresistible Street Safety Campaign

Are these New York’s youngest traffic safety advocates?

Budding filmmakers Benny, Joseph and Yunhee have created an appeal for safer streets that is equal parts poignant, funny and Dylan-inspired – and entirely adorable. Take a look.

  • aliciaH

    Buses are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  • Eric McClure

    True, @41e81b75192f6ee84bdf26267a887acf:disqus , except when they’re driven carelessly and run people over.

    Nice work, kids.

  • This is simply fantastic.

  • fj

    buses are idiotic.  way too large. way too heavy. cost too much.  much easier ways to provide high value human mobility; distributed on-demand, virtually no emissions, minimal environmental footprints, much more practical.

  • fj

    and, much safer

  • Clarence Eckerson

    Wow, I might need to worry about my job in the next few years.  THese kids will have it!

  • Ben from Bed Stuy

    What a fabulous little movie, guys. I know the kids were the stars but I want to give kudos to the parents or teachers who were behind the scenes. Good for them, too.
    When I think about why I want to work hard to make NYC safer, it’s for my baby daughter, who’s just 13 months. My goal – by the time she is old enough to ride a bike in Brooklyn (maybe four or five years out) whe willhave a much safer borough and city.

  • Harry Peronius

    You guys are fabulous. I also loved the Militarization of boys. I hope there will be even more movies. Let’s hope the politicians will watch these too.


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