Today’s Headlines

  • Missing Funding Plan for Tappan Zee Delays Construction Process (WSJ)
  • DCP May Lift Parking Maximums Near Theater District, Hospitals (NYT)
  • …While In Brooklyn,  Little Parking Minimum Relief May Be Coming (NYT)
  • Greenwood Heights Residents Propose Their Own 20 MPH Speed Limit (Bklyn Paper)
  • Long Island Senators Keep Trying to Chip Away at MTA Payroll Tax (WSJ)
  • Advance: State Shouldn’t Underfund MTA, Then Charge Them For Debt
  • SUV Driver Hits Car, Curb, Scaffolding (Post)
  • Rangel, Nadler, Lhota and Sadik-Khan to Speak Out Against GOP Attack on Transit (AMNY)
  • Nan Hayworth: Transit-Free Tappan Zee as Great as House Transpo Bill (LoHud)
  • Post Connects Lew Fidler’s Parking Entitlement With Carl Kruger’s Accepting Bribes
  • Genting Would Only Fund Super-Express A Train to Convention Center (Kabak)
  • Report Suggests MTA Cut Service For Lower-Ridership Fridays (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Why were all those Super Bowl car commercials filmed in Park Slope and not out on Hempstead Turnpike?

    Or at least I thought it was Park Slope.  There was no traffic and open parking spots, so I was not sure.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe DCP’s Amanda Burden would support removing parking maximums in Manhattan.  Wasn’t she on the IDA board that approved the now-empty Yankee Stadium garages?  Doesn’t she owe the Bronx a BIG APOLOGY first for converting all that parkland to pavement?

    As a suburbanite, I can tell you that driving into the city is too easy.  If parking were more expensive, we’d take the train to our shows.  And not driving, we’d be able to have more than one drink with dinner to generate more revenue for the restaurants, waiters, etc.fwiw, here’s the link to the Streetsblog story showing Burden on the IDA board:

  • Larry Littlefield

    Priceless comment in the Advance on the MTA.  “What I find shocking is that you are all just waking up to what’s been going on for a generation.”

    If you knew everything that has gone on for a generation and affects the future, and not just at the MTA, you’d be shocked allright.

  • From the Times article: “…as parking lots and garages are being snapped up to make way for all sorts of development, especially luxury condominiums. In most cases, the lost public spaces are not replaced…”
    Lovely conflation of “public spaces” with “parking lots and garages”.

  • fj

    re:  Genting Would Only Fund Super-Express A Train to Convention Center (Kabak)

    Submarine might be a better long range plan.