Today’s Headlines

  • No Shame: City Council Bans Sanitation Stickers, Approves Muni-Meter Grace Period (NYT, GoGa, DNA)
  • With WTC and Calatrava Dogged by Cost Overruns, Port Authority Keeps Contractor Afloat (WSJ, SAS)
  • MTA Contract Proposal: Work Rule Changes, Part-Time Bus Drivers in Exchange for TWU Raises (News)
  • Study Finds More Pollution From Traffic and Buildings Than Second Ave Subway Construction (DNA)
  • Cuomo Says MTA Is “Working On” New Transit Options for Queens Convention Center (TransNat)
  • Cross Bay Bridge Drivers to Governor: Mr. Cuomo, Tear Down This Toll Plaza (NY1)
  • Dani Simons Finds Room for Improvement on Tappan Zee Buses (MTR)
  • Daily News Welcomes DOT’s Driver-Distracting Parking Sensor Program
  • Hit-and-Run Suspect Not Charged for Death of 14-Year-Old Davonte Jeffers (News)
  • Cy Vance Opens Criminal Investigation Into Elevator Death (Post); Killer Drivers, Carry On

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  • Vacca’d

    It sounds like the city council did not consult with the Sanitation dept about the sticker bill. Is that correct? Pretty hypocritical, if true.

  • moocow

    So a guy kills a 14 year old, with an unlicensed vehicle, flees, and refuses a Breathalyzer and is not charged for killing another human, a teenaged human at that.
    Read the story below that one, a guy who defended himself by killing a “360-pound, machete-wielding home intruder” is getting out of jail after 4 years, and he is getting out EARLY.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So the Rockaways doesn’t want the toll.  Fine.  How about also eliminating the Rockaway subway line, the most cost inefficient in the city?

    All the A trains could run to Howard Beach, and aquaduct..  The C could serve Lefferts.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Samuelsen said Wednesday that one- and two-year pacts have also been discussed.”

    That’s more like it.  Samuelsen and whoever he is negotiating with get paid every year, and the future is uncertain.  So as far as I’m concerned they can negotiate every year.

  • The police’s response to the killing of young Mr. Jeffers is pure spite. 

  • Bolwerk

    “The van driver seemed angry as he spoke just after the crash, according to a report.”

    He just hit someone, and his response is anger rather than mortification?