Two Drivers Struck and Killed Man in Williamsburg This Morning

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The Post is reporting that a Williamsburg man was killed this morning as he crossed Borinquen Place near Keap Street. The victim, 57-year-old Lepoldo Hernandez, was walking to meet a friend to carpool to work when he was struck by two drivers in succession. The first driver was traveling eastbound, and the second driver struck Hernandez as he lay in the street.

While police, as usual, are already telling the press that they “suspect no criminality,” Gothamist’s John del Signore cites a report from a local resident at the scene who was told that the first car was “going like 50”:

There was a crowd of onlookers and I saw the sheet over the body in the street. I did not see any vehicles around that looked damaged or anyone speaking with police, but witnesses said both drivers stayed at the scene. Motorists speed like crazy down this street to get on the Williamsburg Bridge. I watch them run the light, pass in the bike lane, and speed like it’s a free for all.

This fatal crash occurred in the 90th Precinct, which will hold its monthly precinct community council meeting tonight. To voice your concerns about neighborhood traffic safety directly to Deputy Inspector Michael M. Kemper, the commanding officer, head out to tonight’s meeting. The 90th precinct meetings happen at 7:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month, at 30 Montrose Avenue. A detective at the precinct confirmed that tonight’s meeting is set to happen as scheduled.

  • Blue Wall of Indifference

    Surely the 90th will devote just as much effort to this case as they did to Mathieu Lefevre’s death.

  • dporpentine

    So terrible.

    Just the other night I was thinking about just these sort of stories–the pedestrian hit-two-times stories, and its worst variant: a pedestrian gets hit twice and the second vehicle drags the person for miles. This should be something that’s as terrible and widely reported as that awful story about the woman getting killed by the elevator. They’re at least as senseless and certainly as tragic. But these are barely reported. 

  • Morris Zapp

    @c661ddb94bcffdc2c6124e349eafdc77:disqus Good point. If one New Yorker were killed by an elevator every 35 hours, would it become a fact of city life? Would the city post warning signs on elevator doors? Would the mayor and relevant officials hold press conferences to brag about decreases in elevator-related deaths? Would the media stop paying attention? Start blaming victims? Would the city council hold hearings on out-of-control stair-climbers? 

  • Tcatpps

    This was a horrible accident caused by careless drivers who are speeding and going thru red lights. Leopoldo was a hard worker. getting up at 5am every morning to get to his job in LI to support his family. An excellent father, husband, brother and friend. RIP

  • angelo de leon

    Ustedes hablam sin saber
    Ustedes no Esteban eh ESE lugar
    Nadie estaba speeding nadie iba careless
    No no red light were taking
    None of you where there



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