Cartoon Thursday: Traffic Sham

This November ‘toon from Ward Sutton, who skewers conventional editorial cartooning for The Onion, hits all the notes — the myth of cyclist privilege, the disparity between the amount of space allotted to cars vs. other modes, and the waste and helplessness that comes with sitting in traffic. The coup de grâce of Sutton’s “Kelly” panels has got to be the cartoonist “self-portrait,” breaking the fourth wall with a pithy bon mot. Also note the Statue of Liberty, crying as cyclists whiz by.

Take that, Bill Bramhall.

  • Hilda

    Heh heh heh, very fitting for current New York City holiday traffic.  Looks exactly like my commute today.

  • Mrbadexample

     This is almost too perfect a parody–I expected to see that it was in some exurban weekly.
    #hilda, if you think the commuting right now is favoring bikes, wait until they open that monstrosity of a basketball arena in Brooklyn. Bergen and Dean Street are already gridlocked in rush hour–this will cover the other 22.

  • Andrew

    Isn’t there supposed to be a police car parked in the bike lane?

  • The Prince of Grand Street

    Sutton is playing way too deep of a game with this Kelly shit.

  • Anonymous

    Waaay too much irony here. You could easily play both sides of the divide with this. I like this animated encounter of a cyclist and a driver:
    Why do People Hate Cyclists?

  • You could just as easily do the same cartoon, but switch the players, and depict pedestrians crammed onto the narrow sidewalks of pre-pedestrianized Times Square (or currently non-pedestrianized Canal Street), as the “privileged class” of cars and trucks whiz by in the “special rights” lane.

  • Anonymous

    As you can see, I’m a big fan of these! This is one of his best. 

  • Dr. Jimmy R.

    Gotta go fast!


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