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Hardly a day goes by without news of another American city getting serious about a new bike-share system, transit boulevard, or highway teardown. Cities are grappling with how to move beyond the 1950s-era cars-first mentality, and the opportunities for change are palpable.

It’s also unusual to go a day without seeing some news report claiming the latest bus improvement has ruined the neighborhood or blaming high unemployment on bike lanes. Change comes hard, and misinformation is everywhere.

Streetsblog counters misinformation with high-impact reporting and analysis. And we can’t do it without your help.

Help us raise $25,000 between now and December 31 by making a donation of $50, $100, $250 or more today.

From telling the political story behind the Prospect Park West bike lane fight in Brooklyn to unpacking the implications of federal transportation policy, no one combats falsehoods or connects the dots like Streetsblog.

A one-time or monthly gift will support Streetsblog’s important coverage in 2012:

  • Fully documenting the planning, implementation and use of the largest public bike system in America as NYC DOT and Alta Planning bring bike-share to fruition.
  • Holding Ray Kelly and the NYPD accountable for failing to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe on city streets.
  • Making the case for lawmakers to stop shortchanging transit and fully invest in our subways and buses.

A lot of the media outlets that scapegoat livable streets improvements rely on auto industry advertising to bring you the news. Streetsblog relies on your support. Make a tax-deductible year-end contribution today and help us bring you another year of news and commentary about the developments that shape our neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

Thanks for reading!

Ben Fried, Editor-in-Chief

  • Inno

    Paypal please?
    Also, the link in the RSS post is broken.

  • Ben from Bed stuy

    I plan to give to Streetsblog. You guys rule the school! 🙂

  • How is one supposed to actually transfer the money?  The linked page mentions check, but what about people without checking accounts?

  • Louise Hainline

    Hello, this is Louise Hainline. From Prospect Park West. You’ve heard of Prospect Park West? The most monstrous, truly offensive traffic-calming project of our age? And I’ve come here to your “Streetsblog” during your sad little pledge drive with a simple message: don’t give.

    Streetsblog, with its lack of telegenic, air-headed “political reporters,” its deluded sense of righteousness, its pathetic faith that safer streets still matter, it has no place in today’s media landscape. So please, this pledge drive, don’t give.

    Let Streetsblog sputter, and die a slow, underfunded death. Let’s end this experiment in livable-streets reporting with a sense of mission and civic purpose. Let’s return all media in this country to its proper mission, which is selling advertising to automobile companies and making money.

    To all of you who have not pledged, my sisters in this sacred struggle, I salute you. You read Streetsblog day in, and day out, and you never give. Through your sloth, your laziness, your indolence, you are making it that much harder for Ben and Noah and their colleagues to do their jobs.

    Every minute you continue not to pledge, you lengthen this web site’s pledge drive, keeping its precious transportation news and information off the internet. Nice work! This pledge drive, please, keep that up.

    Help me destroy Streetsblog.

    This pledge drive, do what most of your fellow readers do. Nothing. Do not send a check now, do not donate online. Ben has provided a helpful link by which to make a pledge, which you should ignore.

  • Danny G

    Miles don’t forget about Money Orders

  • Glenn

    I’m in negotiations with my spouse about amounts, but we will make a donation.

    Also, for everyone that works for an employer that matches, don’t forget to submit that paperwork!!


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