Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Looks to Labor Pension Funds, Including UFT and 32BJ, to Finance Tappan Zee (WSJ)
  • Chuck Schumer Sides With Staten Islanders Seeking Special Deal on Tolls (Advance)
  • Scott Stringer: Many Neighborhoods in Need of 20 MPH Zone (Post)
  • Chris Ward: “We Have to Toll the East River Bridges” (Capital NY)
  • Christie Transportation Commissioner Explains His Side in ARC Debacle (Star-Ledger)
  • Central Park Off-Leash Hours Dangerously Overlap With Peak Cycling Times (WSJ)
  • Borough Park Parking Meters to Shut Off Two Hours Earlier on Friday Nights (Jewish Week)
  • Connecticut Wins Funding for Intercity BRT System (Transpo Nation)
  • Former Sanitation Worker Privatizes Part of Street, Somehow Escapes Ticketing (Post)
  • Bronxites Demand Bus Shelter Be Restored Before Construction Complete (News)
  • Randy Mastro and Jim Walden Fire Shot Across the Bow of Occupy Milk Burger (On the Case)

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  • David_K

    I just came across a livery cab driver who drove his car onto the sidewalk, completely knocking over a bus stop pole and crushing a bike that was locked to it.  This was at 41st and Lexington, right in front of the “Pret” if anyone knows that corner.  A pretty crowded spot.  It did not look like anyone was hurt except maybe the driver.  EMTs were helping him out of his car.  He looked dazed, but not bleeding.

  • Senator Schumer — if you want to make the Staten Island tolls more equitable, take a look at Gridlock Sam’s plan to reduce outer boro tolls in exchange for congestion pricing into the Manhattan central business districts.

  • Check out that On the Case post in Thomson Reuters, author of the report claims that:

    > Another of Mastro’s partners, Jim Walden, worked on behalf of community groups trying to remove a bike lane adjacent to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park earlier this year.

    Which is, you know, totally false, unless 4-5 rich and politically connected people trying to thwart the safety efforts of an entire neighborhood constitutes a “community group.”

  • Anonymous

    Nobody like raising taxes, but everybody wants to lower them.  Maybe instead of a politically unpalatable commuter tax, there could be a city credit. 

    Residents of NYC would be exempt from paying NYS income taxes and sales taxes.  This could be partially offset by an NYC-only tax to support the MTA, and there would still be a rebate for most city residents.

  • Judge B

    The Reuters piece neglects to mention that Jim Walden failed miserably in his efforts to represent these “community” members.

    With Walden on the job, I like Occupy Wall Street’s chances. Jimmy, don’t forget to file your case on time!

  • kevd

    @ Steve O.
    You are absolutely right.  Right now the pricing rationale of bridges in NYC is too charge as much as possible where other options are unavailible, as demand is the least elastic on those spans, and nothing on the spans with the most alternatives (the east river bridges).

    It is absurd.  And Staten Islanders have reason to be angry.

  • kevd

    I really hate that I can’t edit comments to fix all my typos on this site……

  • Eric McClure

    @kevdflb:disqus , you can edit your comments if you have a DISQUS account.  Go to the DISQUS button with the pull-down arrow just above the “Add New Comment” box.  Select Dashboard, and you can edit your comments there.

  • Perry Nason

    It really was a masterstroke for Gibson Dunn to assemble the anti-bike lane people on PPW as two separate groups. Now Jim Walden and Randy Mastro can claim they represented “community groups,” plural. It sounds so much more… public spirited.

    Too bad Jim Walden was so focused on his P.R. and political game he couldn’t get it together to actually file the case on time.

  • fj

    re:  Scott Stringer: Many Neighborhoods in Need of 20 MPH Zone (Post)

    This is great news and the start of greatly improved safety and transportation in our city.

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