Shelly Won’t Say Where He Fell Off His Bike

Strange development in the Sheldon Silver bike fall story. Yesterday, through a spokesman, the Assembly Speaker explained bruises and cuts on his face by saying he hit a pothole while biking. But the location and time of the bike crash in question are a mystery, and Raymond Hernandez at the Times reports that Silver has clammed up about it:

Mr. Silver has declined to tell reporters or local officials where the accident took place, or when. (Mr. Silver was in Puerto Rico last week for a conference of New York’s Hispanic lawmakers, and it remains unclear whether the accident took place there or somewhere else.

But he was in no mood to discuss his accident. Asked outside the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington about how he bruised his face, he said only, “I fell off a bike.”

And when asked where the mishap occurred, he quickly ended the conversation. “What difference does it make?” he said, waving his hand as he walked away.

Very odd.

  • if its a simple pothole wouldn’t he have done the right thing and reported it to 311 so this doesn’t happen to another cyclist? very odd that he didn’t elaborate. either way, hope he recovers quickly and this is a wake up call that unfortunately, potholes are the least of a cyclist’s typical concerns on the road.

  • Tyler

    These are the sorts of stories a physically abused spouse makes up.  Just sayin’

  • Not Road Rash

    To get an injury like this, Sheldon Silver would have had to have been biking in the Tour de France. I do not believe this out of shape 58-year-old man is capable of riding a bike in such a way as to incur this type of injury.

    So, why would the Speaker not tell the truth about where this injury came from? Why would he embarrassed to tell the real story?

    I have a feeling that if the press keeps digging on this story it could lead to the end of Sheldon Silver’s political career.

  • Rep Weiner

    Perhaps the culprit is not a bike accident but a disgruntled mistress with a long set of fingernails.

  • J

    Maybe he was biking along Prospect Park West with Schumer.

  • J

    In all seriousness, Shelly being this dismissive about something so trivial makes me pretty certain that the details of his accident make him look pretty bad. My guess is sex scandal or corruption. While this would seem to have little to do with livable streets, we just don’t know do we.

  • Anonymous

    Being uber sensitive here, but if it wasn’t a biking accident, then I don’t like how he’s maligning biking.

  • Gargamel Tralfaz

    It might have been a stationary bike.

  • Eric McClure

    “I fell off my bike” is the new “I walked into a door.”  Not sure if that’s good or bad for biking.

  • Jeremy
  • jc

    Let’s get to the bottom of this incredibly important story, guys! I demand a full expose. All hands on deck!

    Only then, can we tackle financial reform, poverty, ongoing wars…


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